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  1. Think Aberdeen is only City he’s nae got a bird up the duff in so chances are good
  2. Clearly nae cunt got the Fallujah ref then Working we spaccas here
  3. chemical formula for ammonium sulfate Banjod sultan condition
  4. It’s beautiful gear, some cunt drank my Leffe and replaced it we Bud
  5. Few oh these bastards while the edibles kick in.
  6. A little early for the Christmas number one spot
  7. Seems he’s nae trusted back in aberdeen with the first teams wags on their own. Previous for doing a John Terry
  8. Send me nudes and il get you a job
  9. Boooooooooooo Side thread Who’s bird is the dirtiest Logan’s for me she’d beat you to fingers up her council gritter
  10. It was going so well until you said fucktard. Gave your position in society away with one 8 letter word
  11. I think Doc is hiding a Nudger that would fear Zola
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