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  1. Your havering pish there gadje, Iv worked we plenty Geordies who fly home from Abz
  2. What time does red tv start, trying to stream it on fire stick for free and doesn’t seem to be working I’d rather watch it there than sky ports ?
  3. £480 for a new larder fridge for the kitchen and just been robbed £4 for a bottle oh shower gel from the Bond greedy cunts
  4. Ricky Foster, could do with his Man U experience right about now
  5. Those mistakes against better teams would have us 2-0 at half time so don’t sugar coat the pish I endured last night. Take the 3 points all day long but Saints looked far sharper than us passing wise
  6. reekie_dock


    Hit it we a sledge hammer
  7. Think Aberdeen is only City he’s nae got a bird up the duff in so chances are good
  8. Clearly nae cunt got the Fallujah ref then Working we spaccas here
  9. chemical formula for ammonium sulfate Banjod sultan condition
  10. It’s beautiful gear, some cunt drank my Leffe and replaced it we Bud
  11. Few oh these bastards while the edibles kick in.
  12. A little early for the Christmas number one spot
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