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  1. JIM SPENCE: Those who took decision to stop Hearts training possess fewer brain cells than Krusty the Clown but at least he was funny https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/opinion/jim-spence/1510885/jim-spence-those-who-took-decision-to-stop-hearts-training-possess-fewer-brain-cells-than-krusty-the-clown-but-at-least-he-was-funny/
  2. Ex sports journalist Andy Ridgwell saying on Twitter that Hibs want Jason Kerr from St Johnstone. Not sure how reliable this guy is.
  3. For anyone who hasn't heard Dave Cormack's interview: https://videopress.com/v/QtGxCXe4 An exhausted looking Dave Cormack took to social media this evening to raise his concerns about the mental health of the Aberdeen players that have been in the limelight since their breach of protocols that has been plastered over the press and social media for the past week. He said in his statement: “These players have been punished and humiliated, slaughtered by the First Minister and now tonight, headlines telling them that they face expulsion from the game. “And last Monday, a journalist who has publicly expressed to suffering from depression looking to score points by assasinating these players in his column, and that from someone that should know better. “What happened to the Scottish national concern about mental health especially around young men? Are these football players excluded from that? It could have been players from any club and it still could be. For me, enough is enough. Let’s end the personal abuse and humiliation. These players have owned this from day one and been punished. The players and the Club will accept any punishment the SPFL and SFA throws at us. “So my plea is this. Let’s stop kicking these players whilst they are still on the ground. “I’ll end by once again unreservedly apologising to the First Minister, Scottish football fans, Scottish football authority, clubs and the Scottish public. Let’s get through this together. Thank you.”
  4. He looked like Maldini 2 seasons ago. I think St Johnstone made a number of changes to their side last season. Possibly effected his performances. I'd be delighted if he signed for Aberdeen. Findlay would be another good signing. Still I'd argue Hoban (if he remains fit) tops the lot.
  5. Just hope we don't have to forfeit the games that were postponed or have points deducted. Like everyone has said, It entirely unfair to penalize the club when they have tried their absolute best to meet the protocols in place. The 8 Aberdeen players + the Celtic player deserve everything they get but don't punish the clubs.
  6. In fairness, Goodwin looks like he will develop into a decent manager. If McInnes were to leave I'd want either Steve Robinson or Jack Ross. A number of players claim Steve Robinson is the best manager they've ever worked with. He also (like Ross) has an eye for a player.
  7. Barcelona 2-8 Bayern Munich at the Nou Camp! Barcelona haven't been the force they once were since Iniesta and Xavi retired. Messi is a phenomenal player but he's not the same player without them Imo. For anyone who hasn't seen the goals here are the highlights. Enjoy!
  8. No way should Aberdeen nor Celtic be punished. We've gone above and beyond to exceed the protocols currently in place in Scottish football. As Steve Robinson, Brian Rice, Jack Ross and Gary Holt have all said, it should be the individuals who are punished not the clubs. Apart from Cosgrove, Hayes and Mckenna (the signing of Hoban is a relief), I'm not overly fussed by those players being suspended for a while. We've enough quality to propel ourselves up the league and challenge for third. Just desperately need a decent striker.... Leigh Griffiths...
  9. I bought a Switch (20% off) yesterday. Any game recommendations? Zelda: Breath of the wild looks like a must have.
  10. Hamilton 1 - 1 St Mirren Kilmarnock 2 - 1 St Johnstone Ross County 2 - 1 Dundee United Hibernian 2 - 2 Motherwell Livingston 0 - 3 Sevco
  11. Sky Bet top 3 finish:Hibs 3/2Aberdeen 5/4Motherwell 12/1Kilmarnock 18/1
  12. Hibs have offered 250k for McCorie (McInnes is a big fan of this guy) and are also looking to sign J Kerr from St Johnstone. Jason Kerr is a massive Hibs fan.
  13. McInnes has singled them out for praise several times in post match interviews against their respective clubs. Unfortunately we are not in a position to be making such signings as we have to cover the forecasted loses from now till January. Doing so could potentially cost people their jobs. The signing of Ross Stewart may be sanctioned depending on our progress in Europe. I still find it odd that we sell our players for a lower fee comparative to Hibs, Utd and Hearts. 2 million for a striker that has scored over 20 goals a season (twice in a row) is terrible business from us. Considering Morelos is being touted for a figure of 10-15 million and Cosgrove (while both playing in Scotland) has the same goal ratio as him why can't we demand a greater fee?
  14. Statement from Hearts: Heart of Midlothian Football Club can confirm that we were advised at 4.30pm this afternoon of the decision of the Joint Response Group to delay the return to training for clubs out-with the SPFL Premiership and that as a consequence, Hearts were required to cease training with immediate effect. We requested a delay to the publication of that decision, while we discussed the implications. While the situation was being discussed internally, the decision was published, some 20 minutes or so later. While recognising the hugely complex decision-making processes involved in dealing with the Covid-19 crisis, the Club has nonetheless objected to this decision in the strongest terms. To be clear, we had previously requested to return to training on 3rd August to fit in with our training plans and needs. Along with a Betfred Cup campaign and Championship season to prepare for, we also have a Scottish Cup semi-final to participate in. We confirmed that we were able to comply with all the required protocols, which we have done. All other Championship clubs were given the same opportunity to return to training. They chose not to return at that time, as was their right. Having received authority to return to training, we built our plans around the agreed date. Our players and support staff were taken off furlough; contracts were signed with new staff and new players on the clear understanding that we would be in full training. We signed contracts with service providers, including Oriam and our Testing company. Testing has once again been carried out this week, with costs incurred, in anticipation of continued training. Suffice to say that at a time when every football club in the land is managing its costs as tightly as possible, we have incurred significant “unnecessary” costs. We have done nothing wrong and yet, once again, we are being disproportionately disadvantaged by a decision which has been described as “the fairest”. We should not forget that this situation has come about, not because of Covid-19, but because of behavioural issues, not by our employees but by those of other clubs. This delay reflects a lack of confidence that certain clubs will be able to comply and meet the required protocols. How can it possibly be “fair” that we should be penalised? When questioned in what way this was “the fairest way forward”, we were advised that some other clubs now wanted to return to training and it was deemed that by preventing them from doing so, without halting our training, would give us an unfair advantage. Our fans are naturally incensed by this action, especially given what has transpired over recent months. For the avoidance of doubt, everyone at the Club is equally incensed. We are currently considering our options.
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