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  1. Parklife


    Nope. I'm an idiot. Tell me who "the ones with nothing to lose" are please.
  2. Parklife


    I really don't. Hence why I asked.
  3. Parklife


    What a strange comment. Quite the opposite. I want hospitality to be supported more by our governments. Can you explain who "the ones with nothing to lose" are?
  4. Parklife


    But how do people who need care get that when virus prevalence amongst those who have to give them it is high? I don't deny children are impacted. We all are. I have a niece and nephews who I help care for extensively. I'm well aware of how hard it is on them too.
  5. Parklife


    All of those things can happen, ya dafty.
  6. Parklife


    Weird comment. You're way off too. Thanks for playing though. Well how do we protect vulnerable people if we let the virus run at high levels in the general population? Weird comment on children too. What relevance is it? There's none. It's a thing people say when they're unable or unwilling to articulate their point.
  7. Parklife


    Lectures on mental health from MT. 😂😂
  8. Parklife


    Except that's not actually workable.
  9. Parklife

    Pet Hates

    I'd rather we got the best people for the job. Unfortunately we get dense ex-pros who're too dumb to analyse the games and educate the viewer, which is their primary purpose. Ive no care whether they have a cock or a fanny, or have player for Barcelona or Glasgow city. Just tell me things I don't know.
  10. Parklife


    Both fucking morons, that's for sure.
  11. Parklife

    Pet Hates

    She's better than McFadden.
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