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    I'd transform her garage.
  2. Mega #cans from a mega cunt of a human
  3. Parklife


    Can't wait for these games. Two potential classics.
  4. Parklife


    A nation of wimps. Makes me laugh when the WW2 obsessed weirdos try and slag the French. A nation of people who don't stand for shit.
  5. Parklife


    There's a infinitesimal chance of "civil war" imo.
  6. Parklife


    You think there's going to be "civil war" in the UK?
  7. What fucking weirdo -1'd that @Bebo?
  8. Cosgrove was better yesterday. Took his chances like a striker short on confidence but he's been a 1 in 2 striker for us, so I'm not writing him off. I like the idea of trying Anderson up there with him. McInnes needs to give that an extended run IMO. If Wright leaves, then yesterday's set up with Anderson in Wright's place is what I'd like to see. Wright linked a lot with Kennedy and Hedges but I'd like to think we'd find away to keep getting the best out of those two, while carrying more of a goal threat with having two strikers on the field.
  9. Harry Potter and the Findus Crispy Pancake
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