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    A relatively small study (only 60 patients) showing a high proportion had signs of neurological damage, 3 months after infection; https://www.thelancet.com/journals/eclinm/article/PIIS2589-5370(20)30228-5/fulltext
  2. The kopparberg better be for either a woman or a tennager.
  3. A pair of Adidas sabalo trainers.
  4. That looks incredible. That your backie?
  5. Parklife


    Glad I come in to your thoughts so much. Hopefully you're not touching yourself too much while thinking of me.
  6. Parklife


    Some amount of selfish wanks in ABZ.
  7. Nah? I know people who've isolated and stayed away from their family while living in the same house. Stayed in the bedroom and en-suite. Food left at bedroom door. Etc.
  8. I may understand the guidelines but doesn't "isolate" mean "stay away from all other human beings"? Cunt still doesn't get it.
  9. If Sam is one of the 8, then he's not "isolating" (Unless he was really, really hungry) anonymous pictures website
  10. I agree that folk are more pissed off because of how dreadful we were last week. Looks like we're about to hear from the players. I expect a lot of contrition and confirmation they are all forgoing their wages while they cannot play.
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