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  1. Parklife

    The Cryptos

    Where do you get your protein from? I assume you still train, so how's that compatible with a veggie diet?
  2. Parklife

    The Cryptos

    We get it btw. No need to keep repeating.
  3. Parklife

    The Cryptos

    Looks like there might be another pump of Dogecoin on the 20th of April. Going by the twitter comments anyway. So that might be the opportunity to do just that.
  4. Parklife


    They would've found the "double mutant" much quicker on the Hat.
  5. Parklife

    George Floyd

    Yeah. It normally takes at least a few weeks before people realise you're a prick.
  6. Not sure what argument you're making here? Some places want to be within a bigger country, some don't. I don't think Slovakia or Czech Republic want to reunify. "irrelevant", I hear you say? Exactly. Just like California is to the debate. About 30% support, according to my internetting.
  7. Parklife

    The Cryptos

    If your ROI over the past 12 months gambling on those things was 1000%, you'd be pretty happy to keep on them, I'd suggest.
  8. I'd imagine that top of the list is it not being a country. Although their is a Californian "Yes" movement. Was talking about it to a native when I was in San Diego in 2019. They've even stolen the "Yes" logo from Scotland.
  9. Parklife

    George Floyd

    No. I classed you as racist. It had nothing to do with conforming to my opinion either. I get on reasonably well in both.
  10. Parklife

    The Cryptos

    He tweeted about it yesterday too. The cunt is probably just pumping it before cashing out.
  11. Parklife

    The Cryptos

    Dogecoin up 150%. Incredible scenes in casa del parky
  12. Parklife

    George Floyd

    No. That's false. What you did, months ago now, was start with sly wee digs at me. About my job and insinuated I somehow didn't deserve one because you didn't have one. This was against a backdrop of your posting all being on a similar theme. Asking me if I fancied particular black women (ugly ones, obviously), posting about black people committing crimes as if it meant racism didn't exist & sly wee comments about black people. What's good for the goose... I never claimed to be "high up" and I never claimed to be "a full-time carer". I have a good job and I help look after a family member. Why you've invested so much thought in to me, my life and my posting, I've no idea. Do you question how the people who post more than I do have the time? There's many who do. You'd get sacked from your job for taking 5 minutes here and there to go on the hat? Put me on ignore then. Your problem is solved. At least I'm upfront in my attacks, you tend to resort to sly insinuations or comments.
  13. He really does speak well. Appears to have a real determination about him, as well as a belief in his own ability. If he can bring out the same attributes in our players, he'll be half way there. Was dubious about the appointment at first but after Russell & Brown being recruited and now we're seeing more of Glass, I'm all in on the appointment.
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