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  1. As if that'd stop anyone.
  2. It's embarrassing. I blame the parents. Seeing kids run about the street in foreign teams' tops is brutal. Imagine letting your kid in Aberdeen/Dundee/whatever "support" Man Utd (or whatever). Utter shite parenting IMO.
  3. Like who you want mate, I don't give a fuck. It's only losers who watch and care more about English football than Scottish that are the problem.
  4. No Scottish games on, HT in serie A, La liga not on this week. "Tourist league" is the name. For the kinda weirdo loser who has a Scottish team and an English team.
  5. Check oot Dr Dre giving headphone advice here.
  6. Often. It's good to mix it up. Sometimes Craft wankery, sometimes T, sometimes substandard imported Guinness. What's your drink of choice?
  7. Absolutely brilliant. Probably the most I've ever enjoyed a stout. Would highly recommend. The final stout of #StoutSunday will be this
  8. Parklife


    Loved that game last night. Some great defence and the Bills making the big plays to get it done. Backed them to go all the way last week and after last night, I fancy them even more. Looking forward to tonight's games. I think the Browns will make it close. Their defensive line will win the battle in the trenches and will get to Mahomes. Mahomes may well do enough Mahomes things to get the job done but I'm not writing the Browns off.
  9. Põhjala - Cinnabun Baltic Porter. #StoutSunday
  10. They've won the last 3. He's played 2 and was on the bench for the first.
  11. Agreed. His pace, strength and aerial ability will see him perform well down south. I don't think it's a coincidence that Forest's form has improved since he came back from injury.
  12. Parklife


    My hope is that as we progress through the winter and into spring, mass vaccinations will be well underway and, as the better weather comes and the virus prevalence lowers, we'll be in a better position to keep it low (due to the large number of people vaccinated). We look to be finally restricting international travel, so shouldn't be importing cases either. We'll then be in a position where we can get to some sort of normality (fans at games, pubs open, etc), while the full country (more or less) is vaccinated. From then we'll hopefully get to normal (excluding travel) by autumn. Obviously that all depends on the vaccine roll out going well (which it appears to be so far) and the vaccines being effective (unknown).
  13. Parklife


    I've thought in a lot of depth about it. It's been discussed to death. Your relentless negativity about fucking everything can't be doing you any good though.
  14. My mate did. Said about 6 drs came by to "examine" him because they all wanted to see the broken knob.
  15. Parklife


    I've been telling him this for months. He loves to wallow in misery.
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