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  1. manboobs109


    It's the fucking stupidity of it all. It was on the news the other day that about 15000 people are coming in through Heathrow a day, then we get all surprised when the are "variants" found. Either we just let cunts in and accept the consequences or we close the fucking airports altogether.
  2. manboobs109


    What a load of shit. What is the benefit of testing for all these mutations? If someone is ill treat them.
  3. Class that thats the part you've decided to pick me up on.
  4. I've never watched Peaky Blinders. I decided they were trying to rip off Boardwalk Empire so just rubbered it.
  5. It's nice getting yer toes sucked likes. Licked inbetween too. I've trained the dog to do it while I'm wanking.
  6. Us. Cunts that look like cunts are trying to kill cunts. Fuck knows what's going on. 5/10 No tits.
  7. No telling you Buzzo. There is substantial scope for extreme embarrassment for me. Not that I don't trust you or that. I know a few folk that worked at the parly. Mostly security related. One of them was married to a former Scotland keeper. She might've left by now though.
  8. manboobs109


    Get them telt H. Wee jobbie in the post to council hq should do the trick
  9. manboobs109


    https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/apr/15/rapid-covid-testing-in-england-may-be-scaled-back-over-false-positives What is the story with these fucking dingbats? Everyone has been saying from the start that these kind of tests give loads of false positives. These cunts need shot iyam
  10. manboobs109

    In The News

    No me, I'm washing then treating decking. The fun never stops. Enjoy.
  11. manboobs109

    In The News

    Some of the anti racism chat is almost religious. You have to believe certain things, denounce non believers, don't question the orthodoxy.
  12. I've not got a clue what's going on. Can't even remember the last series or why Lol isn't working at AC12 anymore. It all went to fuck when they spotted the guy doing hand signals and magically deduced there were four H's or some shit. First series was good.
  13. manboobs109

    In The News

    I'll not be happy until I see pressure being put on the Pakistani government to provide reparations to the victims of crimes committed by their citizens in this country.
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