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  1. It's unusual a post on here can make you change your mind about something but this has.
  2. We're not far off being a year into this and we're still flapping about opening and shutting places, changing rules every couple of days and quoting wildly unreliable statistics. Both governments are trying to achieve the impossible and the public know it. Crazy chat about the army and stopping people visiting relatives is only making things worse.
  3. Fucking hell Hanzo, if I'm not allowed mum jokes I've not got much left. Geez a brek pal.
  4. It's not my fault your mum has too many 'visitors'
  5. More big darkies wanking in wardrobes at Hanz's mum's though
  6. Should a government be controlling what environment you see your mum in? Should it fuck.
  7. Less likely that El Hanzo will kiss his mum with tongues in a pub.
  8. Yeah it's not fair to ask vulnerable to isolate, we all need to. What a ludicrous way of twisting things.
  9. That's why I'm such a good snooker player studs
  10. She's got some set of tits on her
  11. This idea that if you are against lock down because you don't care about people is just a way of shutting down opposition. I'm against lock down because I do care about people and I see the harm these ludicrous rules are doing.
  12. No but I'd let him buy a pint of milk without one
  13. It's complete nonsense. Even if there was 100% compliance with the laws the numbers of infections will still rise. Its an infectious disease, people will become infected. We'll end up in lock down again unless the politicians change their thinking(they won't)
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