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  1. Not just pubs Parky. Thousands have lost their jobs in loads of sectors and more to come when the furlough ends. If the ludicrous scare tactics continue there will be thousands more losing their jobs even if the pubs aren't forcibly closed because part of the population have been terrified into thinking they'll die if they even walk too close to someone. For a socialist you seem fairly blasé about people losing their jobs and being forced into poverty to help prevent a disease that will barely affect them.
  2. Have you not heard the unemployment figures Parky? All to try and achieve the impossible. There is absolutely no chance of achieving zero Covid so why force more people onto the dole to try.
  3. Well they'll have to close our borders then
  4. Not like you to post something in a condescending manner. So when did the policy go from 'flattening the curve' to eradicating the virus? We're talking about ruining people's lives in order to attempt to achieve the impossible. The curve has been well and truly flattened so there is no need for any more restrictions of liberties.
  5. There's going to be outbreaks, it's an infectious disease. Surely it's the ICU and fatalities that matter though? If we're going to shut down businesses and lose people their jobs and livelihoods it's got to be for more than a few people having to spend a few days in bed?
  6. Well if everyone seems to have given up and pubs aren't following the guidelines why are there only about 20 new cases a day, 3 people in ICU and only 1 person died in about a fortnight?
  7. Yeah the horrific numbers of deaths in the last few weeks reflect this. 1 in the last fortnight is it? That would indicate everyone is making an effort but if Sturgeon is relying on some photos of Facebook taken by a few busybodys then who am I to argue?
  8. It's true though H bomb. They are choking to inflict more of this nonsense on us.
  9. It's a fucking farce. Is this not the point of track and trace? Let people live their lives and if there is an outbreak they can contact people and tell them to isolate? This idea that we can totally eradicate a virus is just fantasy stuff. Ruining people's lives chasing something that is impossible is just crazy. Now we have handed these powers to politicians they won't give them up easily, they've spent their lives trying to get power and now they have unprecedented levels of it you can be sure they'll use them.
  10. That'd take me a month to be arsed doing all that
  11. Should've worked that out from the palm trees right enough
  12. How big the curve should be is the issue Hanzo
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