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  1. There is no way that's legal. We should just tell them to ram it. Its the poor bar staff I feel sorry for enforcing this pish
  2. manboobs109

    In The News

    Looks like they've found Allan Bryants body in Glenrothes. Hopefully some consolation to his family. Horrible story all round and hopefully the culprit is caught.
  3. I'll be Minister for Public Health
  4. Surprised it not longer he's looking for tbh
  5. If that was all you wanted to do you wouldn't have put in the snide "magical" You were trying to score a point. Happy to agree to disagree though.
  6. Well if 25% of the population are "vulnerable" to it it makes sense for them to "shield" does it not?
  7. Sorry missed that part out, Houses of Parliament bars.
  8. I see there is one place in the UK with no curfew on bars and no track and trace. Wouldn't be surprised if the household rule was being ignored as well. What a complete fucking pisstake.
  9. Surely you'd shite out a multivitamin?
  10. He could do with being a bit more professional in his approach but a good fighter I agree.
  11. I was saying that in the pet hates thread. The fruit in supermarkets is tasteless garbage.
  12. Fuck me can we find anymore ways to harangue people that catch a fucking disease. Fucking selfish, shitmunching, non handwashing, party going, cunts. Its fucking grim the way things are going with this shit,everybody victim blaming. Fucking awful.
  13. Vit D from food? You sure?
  14. How many people have cancer but are asymptomatic? Imagine how many lives would be saved if we did blood tests, organ function tests, brain scans, prostate exams etc on everybody. There's no reason not to really. Every life saved and all that.
  15. Just catching up on yesterday's chat and dropping a few truth bombs Boof but you are right.
  16. Official SAGE figures reckon the effects of the lock down will directly kill 75000. It was always madness to stop treating people who are ill so that you have capacity to treat people who might get ill. This whole thing has been a fuck up of criminal proportions.
  17. Och I know RS but I like Christmas. Boxing day is the best bit, along the pub with the dog to watch the futba, few jars, home steaming for turkey curry and second day roast tatties. Fucking superb.
  18. Where back to your 16th again aren't we?
  19. Sounds like something Norman Tebbit would say
  20. I'm talking about being allowed to spend time with loved ones(and getting pished) . What could be more in the spirit of Christmas than that?
  21. Fair enough but it's a big thing for a large part of the population. There's a fair lack of empathy there.
  22. Normally I'd agree with you Parky but for a lot of people you start saving for it, buying tickets home, generally looking forward to it now. It's reasonable in the circumstances to ask the question. I'm fucking skint and have no idea if I'm going to be working or not at Christmas so I'm planning on getting the nippers stuff shortly. Wanting to know if you are going to be allowed family round is fair enough.
  23. Of course. Hopefully we'll have lowered the death rate so much we're actually bringing people back to life by then and we can all have a nice Christmas.
  24. Yeah I had a read of what he actually said it was clearly being twisted. Still poor the blame being put on students though
  25. Well it was just reported on the radio he did. Separate households and if the restrictions are the same at Christmas they won't be able to mix, the same as any other households.
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