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  1. We do genuinely need a no nonsense Indy party with some fucking balls and fight about them. Id vote for you rocket you mad bastard.
  2. Not your fight. You jumping in? Is he your "mate"? Do you PM each other? Have you got each other's backs? Safety in numbers aye? Total mutant fud.
  3. What did you have for dinner?
  4. Been to the Hong Kong cafe and it was decent.
  5. I reckon a TV, and consoles, possibly a projector. He’s a cunt. He has a house not a flat. He’s more successful than you.
  6. A room where you consume media. Basically a room not of such quality to be named a home cinema.
  7. Redforever86

    Spiken Sh*t

    “God is real and Priests aren’t all nonces” ClydesideSheep
  8. My issue is with the same size of telly being appropriate for both a kitchen and a media room.
  9. Maybe his bird is a chink and wanted to have something exotic.
  10. Don’t think I could sleep on a point.
  11. The bird in the spar thinks yir a fud.
  12. Wrong spy. Sure the boy had an aberdonian accent. Got out but only for a couple of hours. Went to signal rock, as I'd never been. Was shite.
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