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  1. I agree with it. Fair enough for the kids. Fuck all of the adults in my family fucking long for anything that costs less than £50. If they wanted it or needed it they'd just buy it. I also don't know if my ma needs a new set of tea towels, or some socks, or a new pedal bin. And to be completely honest I don't really give a fuck.
  2. Redforever86

    In The News

    It'll be white folks fault they are killing each other min think about it FFS.
  3. Hope they don't get off Schott free.
  4. I seem to have kicked in a door at the weekend forgetting it was bolted shut in two places.
  5. Don't look to the hat for sympathy.
  6. Surely to fuck someone should have advised them to get insurance for the stock? Judging by the photo on their insta you could have just booted the door in. Zero chance a motor was involved to break it open.
  7. Good publicity, raise some cash for your xmas, and you just put the 2nd hand shite in your garage until it blows over and you gradually put it back on the shelves. Folk can't tell it's the same stalk due to the second hand nature. Decent plan to be fair. I'm not insinuating they did this, but if everything they say is true they aren't the brightest.
  8. Stovies and toasties have been done. Maybe a photo of your bagel.
  9. Did you visit Hokido island next to it (Japan)? Looks ace there.
  10. Redforever86


    As much as I agree it’s pretty decent trolling fae Sturgeon
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