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  1. McInnes will be gutted now but not enough to fuck off
  2. wasna even Violent, Forum police will be on to correct everyone once he finds out the offside rule
  3. Shocker!! hope we turned a profit on this deal
  4. Fake news or wishful thinking?
  5. This^^ everyone has their Demons
  6. these fringe players should be going flat out to impress & stake a place for a start but didnt see much of that against hamilton
  7. Bad day at the office but quite a few players out hate losing to the fuckpigs but was expected move on to the next game
  8. Last season maybe but he's gotta take the chances he gets, could be on quite a few goals so far but this season with Hedges he's certainly worth a deal
  9. Zander1903

    In The News

    lost count of how many smacks i got growing up but i think most ppl know the difference between a slap & beating the fuck out of someone next thing you know it'll be illegal to hit a woman.....
  10. they will be unbearable winning their 1st ever league title but with popcorn teeth in charge of the tims its looking likely
  11. Just noticed the games is on fucking Friday night again grrrr I know there's international games coming up but I really don't see the point of stopping Saturday kickoffs while the ugly sisters get to play on sunday
  12. He just needs the clinical finish to his game, gets himself in good positions
  13. Could have had quite a few goals this season so far if he could take the chances
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