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  1. aye that was before the virus
  2. Surely Forrest have a surplus to demand CB they can loan us for the rest of the season as part of the deal
  3. loving this RedTV now, if there was no tv deal from sky i wonder if ppv could be the future for scottish footie
  4. ^^ as long as we get a good replacement, surely some good CB to be picked up for a bargain right now
  5. looks like we have goals coming from the midfielders now which is a massive improvement over what we've endured the last couple seasons but that was down to shite recruitment & that's down to the manager. i'm happy to give him the credit at the moment as he deserves it as this team has got pace & a bit of creativity about it now as long as playing Cosgoals disna bring back the long ball pish of the last couple season it should be ok to give it a try but i do like what Watkins brings to the team( a goal or 2 wouldna hurt)
  6. ^^ same Coverage starts at 6, can't wait to see how they'll the time
  7. 12yr Bowmore Yum yum Not bad for someone that couldna drink whisky last year
  8. Not seen dundee utd yet, are they a bunch of animals or did they just massacre the fuckpigs for a giggle?
  9. Probably the best idea if we move to a back 4 but i do like the 3 at the back were doing for now. Imho that's down to Hoban's bringing a bit of stability for McKenna
  10. This is the best I've seen us play for the last 18months, don't want to see balls getting pumped up the pitch just to hit a lanky striker
  11. Find it hard to believe they couldn't see he's better than some of their current 1st picks Huns loss Don's win Great Stuff
  12. If there's still money for a player this season Watkins is where it should be spent
  13. Canna be worse than the rat, imagine naming Ur mutts blue & bear Been long over due the cunt getting his rodent face getting smashed in
  14. used to be better when it was Scottish Players in the team
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