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  1. Well lets put it this way, if we were about to be locked down by the Scottish parliament would I want my brand associated with this, no I would not. I hope to god this doesn’t happen, but I fear it will.
  2. I think McInnes will be the man who falls on the collective sword here. He is the manager and the buck ultimate stops with him. There is no way the club can lose all these players. Now just watch the corporate sponsors pull out one by one. This could end up setting us back years.
  3. But these are not Boyz. These are professional footballers in the middle of a pandemic. If any other professional showed such blatant disregard they would also be hauled over the coals.
  4. I am fucking furious with this. I have lost my father in law to this virus and I see lots of reports of doctors and nurses dying, trying to save others lives. If I was Cormack I would throw the fucking book at them. A years wages in their entirety donated to local hospitals doctors and nurses who are staying in caravans, not seeing their families for weeks, and putting their own lives at risk and these professional footballers are acting like fucking idiots breaking all protocols for the sake of a drink. Are over 46,000 dead people not enough for these fucking idiots!
  5. If so skipper has just made him or herself look rather stupid
  6. Squad did fly from Glasgow, official pictures on Facebook as of one minute ago, question is was McKenna with them?
  7. Welcome onboard Dylan. Personally I think he will be a very good player for us. It will allow Ferguson to roam slightly further forward as well.
  8. He is an exceptional talent and mark my words he will play in the English premiership at some point soon. I would argue he is worth a significant sum of money and no word of a lie, if we sold him for anything under £8m and a 20% sell on fee I would be hugely disappointed. Many many English clubs, right up to mid table will be all over this lad, now or in the future.
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