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  1. Don Fonte

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    Jonny Davidson
  2. Don Fonte

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    Fuck off nosey.
  3. Stick in champ. Just started on el vino here.
  4. Don Fonte


    Get venting about Mcinnes instead min. Send him a couple letters telling him to quit. Might work. (Remember to let him know you're the hat's POTY - might hold some clout)
  5. Inconsiderate cunt. Protect the NHS.
  6. Don Fonte


    Infighting amongst the ranks. You boys are cracking up.
  7. Cheers for the clarification Parko. Sounds fucking gay though. Just call it Weakling IPA.
  8. What does the 'session' in session IPA mean?
  9. Good effort. Might actually start looking again and seeing how I go and track it.
  10. Don Fonte


    Would be a tough wank but I think I could manage... Who am I kidding.
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