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  1. Few bottles of wine tonight as a warm up for a covid rule breaking, all day session in a beer garden tomorrow.
  2. Diego is the greatest, conversation over. Ronaldo (original) could have got close without his injuries.
  3. A new light fitting/chandelier thing for the sitting room.
  4. Kikaino abuse in the bogs is still acceptable. Every cloud.
  5. Plenty cctv, less chance of getting mugged by a couple of 14 year olds for your carry out.
  6. Chardonnay tonight. Probably just the 2 bottles of. Almost an AFD.
  7. Few wines after a long day at work. Not the easiest day at work after an all dayer on the grog yesterday.
  8. Going to be drinking fucking shitloads today. All dayer starting in circa 15 minutes.
  9. A corner shop favourite. Not bad though, drinkable.
  10. Wash your mouth out. Pinot grigio is tasteless piss. NZM SB is cracking. Just getting discovered now by the masses which weirdly is bringing the price down. Result.
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