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  1. I'm not knocking the idea, just suggesting they could have picked a better game to help get it off the ground. Anyway, wishing you and your loved ones a happy New Year!
  2. As someone outside this age bracket, I'll take it that I can leave my singing voice at home for this one. That aside, I'm not sure this idea has been properly thought through. Surely it would have been better to trial it in a game where there would be a good crowd, decent away support and even better some history of rivalry with the opposition. Aberdeen fans are notoriously quiet and reserved at home games and I'm not convinced standing at a tie against Dumbarton is going to change that.
  3. Was thinking of who or what he reminds me of. Just saw a news item about penguins and realised that's what it is.
  4. After 21 games this season we are 16 points behind the Tims who have a game in hand. After 38 games last season we were 20 points behind. Safe to include us in the dross category on that evidence.
  5. I think that today showed that apart from the punt up to Cosgrove we don't have any style of play. I dread to think where we would be without his 20 goals. How he has managed to get them in that team is even more baffling.
  6. OK I was raging when posting that. But given the circumstances.. very poor Hearts team... negative starting line up.. and the general fact that McInnes gets on my tits, I felt entitled to let off some steam.
  7. Worst performance in 50 years watching the Dons. Absolutely no shape to the team. Anyone defending McInnes after that is blind
  8. Fucking shambles of a first half. Win or lose this game, McInnes should get his jotters for that first half alone. Can't begin to describe how bad that was.
  9. Tansey, Forrester, Gleeson and Bryson. You can make any amount of excuses as you like but they have all been shit signings. Deek has always been a good talker but as a midfielder or the signing of midfielders he was/is pretty shit.
  10. No surprise. Stupid tackle. Curtis Main it is then. Happy Xmas.
  11. Exactly this. Take the ugly sisters out of the equation and the rest of the league is pish. We should be winning most if not all of these games but we aren't.
  12. Will get the usual McInnes post match... down to 10 men, difficult venue etc etc. Bottom line is that the Tims had 28 shots to our 2. Pathetic really, but sadly acceptable for our Board and a majority of our supporters it seems.
  13. Bottom line is that it's up to any manager, in any profession, to motivate their staff. Coming up with this defeatist pish before every game against the ugly sisters is bound to rub off on the players. Doesn't inspire confidence amongst supporters either. It just sums up to me that he is in an unhealthy comfort zone at Pittodrie.
  14. Hearing he will be fit for the January transfer window.
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