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  1. Binning this. Away for a ride and a beer. Mcinnes is a serial loser.
  2. Decent enough city/night out from the few times I’ve been.
  3. Watching Attenborough’s “Extinction” 6/10.
  4. https://twitter.com/freenwakali/status/1308766789392838656?s=21
  5. He’ll do alright down there until he faces a pacy forward/anybody who pressures him on the ball. Wish him luck we’ve both done well from the deal.
  6. 1903Fitba

    Spiken Sh*t

    What a life to live.
  7. I always end up breaking the ends of them. I got a wireless charger or whatever they’re called. Not looked back since.
  8. Majestic Wine shop or whatever they’re called. £21. https://www.majestic.co.uk/search?searchText=Paulaner
  9. Paulaner Munchen. 12 x 500ml bottles for 20 quid. Cheapest I’ve ever seen in here.
  10. I highly doubt you’ve seen a woman naked in person. Be quiet please.
  11. 1.5 Mil maximum. Anybody expecting more needs to give their head a wobble.
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