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  1. Derek should have told the players COVID 19 is like playing the Huns. They'd be full of fear and shit themselves then
  2. 1903Fitba


    I reckon he just really wants to pump Sturgeon.
  3. The ones you use are the ones I’m on about. Couldn’t be fucked looking for links. Only thing which will stop you wearing them is if your waist size balloons. Bulletproof otherwise as you said.
  4. Fjallraven do decent ones but they’re a tad pricey.
  5. 4 x Amstel (cans) 20 x Sterling Dual (good for Man City) Probs vodka @ around 10.
  6. 1903Fitba


    Same. always thought I’d have one but never fancied anything enough to get one. Fortunately never seem to be about when I’m abroad so I’ve not for any stag do horror shows etc.
  7. Like the look of this weeks line up. Mixture of charm, good looks and great sporting knowledge.
  8. 1903Fitba

    In The News

    Will you two just get it over and shag already. As bad as Millertime and FnD
  9. That filing job is brutal as well. Grays cow eyed bird do it?
  10. Gallagher winning for me. Yank accent would do my head in but cosgroves bird has hands for digging coal. -2 points right away.
  11. Fuck me full library squad in tonight. Diabolical.
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