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  1. Thats quite a few idioms in there........
  2. Chewie37

    Pet Hates

    Hate it when all the great Pet Hates get deleted from the Hat
  3. Ojo didn't seem sharp at all and I think he's a decent player, he should've been changed off at half time but even with the option of five subs DM was being too cautious
  4. All these old topics coming up after the Hat reboot, quite amusing seeing old posts about these clowns
  5. Looks like he could be decent after all, seemed more comfortable after being here a bit longer and certainly wasn't nervous
  6. They obviously setup the same as they would with Main or Cosgrove up front as a loan striker, but they must know that Anderson doesn't play that role as well? Do they think the players can't adapt to changes after practicing one way for a while? Think the fact that when he made changes it was all like for like was frsutrating for everyone as he didn't seem to want to change tactics
  7. Think of all the hold up play
  8. You mean you didnt make that trifle? Noooooooooooooo
  9. 6'4" and 17 and a quarter stone, fucked my shoulder playing fitba a month or so ago so lost a bit of muscle from that side.........bummer
  10. Chewie37

    Pet Hates

    Miserable bastards, if you have folk round you should be an attentive host and have drinks and snacks available at all times and graciously accept the gifts that they bring..........unless its Kestrel Lager then punch them in the face
  11. Chewie37

    Dad Tv

    Its brilliant........
  12. Chewie37

    Dad Tv

    What about those whove actually had sex?
  13. Us to go 0-2 up then lose a goal just before half time, giving them the impetus to attack us at will as we "game manage" the second 45. Main to slam in a 89th minute goal to seal it, or something
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