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  1. Fair enough to say you’re not convinced yet, but comparisons with some players mentioned aren’t very accurate (like Stockley which you’ve admitted). If we get his confidence back after injury and he joins in the current work rate the team has, he’ll be worth a decent bit of money. We could all see he got a bit lazy after figuring out how to score in this league (pens included)
  2. Yes, you're right.......I'm the one that looks thick 😄
  3. Yup, a stepping stone upwards or a loan back to a Scottish team? Hopefully he doesn't end up getting injured badly like Anderson did
  4. Correct.......then everyone can get in a tizzy when he's letting his contract run down
  5. Don't use inverted commas, you'll confuse Millertime
  6. Think Tord might be drunk..........
  7. How are you right? The only nonsense written was the pish you wrote. It's quite easy and funnily no one else had an issue understanding it. We will generally win the games that are regarded as the easier ones and struggle in the bigger games. If you need any more help.......don't ask me
  8. Lennon would divide the support way more than mild mannered non-ginger not exactly staunch Hun DM........imagine the meltdowns after a loss or even a draw, fantastic, I'm in
  9. We did play well overall, not so sure that Hedges should have buried his chance, but at least on target would've at least led to a possible goal or rebound for another chance
  10. I see you didn't notice the inverted commas...........
  11. Chewie37


    I know right, little greedy bastards
  12. Chewie37


    Two of everything..........
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