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  1. All Derek McInnes does is sign and advance young players on loan from bigger,proper football clubs.You know,the kind of clubs that win Leagues and trophies.James Maddison,Leicester City,Ryan Christie Celtic,Callum Hendry,the mighty two trophies in seven years St Johnstone,Ross McCrorie Rangers,now swapped in the playground for two blackjacks and a mojo at the loss of Scotty Wright,on and on and on.No player development,no valuable game time for Virtanen yesterday,.'I took off young Dean....'.he'll be taking off 'young Dean' when he is 35.Team spirit must be rock bottom,Curtis Main offski,Bruce Anderson sent to the artificial pitch at Hamilton,better off playing for Deveronside in Macduff.Joe Lewis even making mistakes.We have been fucken hellish this season.if we qualify for Europe we will be out by July.
  2. Liam MacLeod ran through our League record at Parkhead on Sporttsound Saturday,it sounds and reads like a club of the standing of Albion Rovers.Just cannot win or compete against Celtic at all.We are the third team in Scotland,the same as Partick Thistle are the third team in Glasgow.Third,but a million miles behind third.
  3. i was falling about the floor laughing at his Radio Scotland interview,it is just hilarious now.Does not even realize how pathetic he is.
  4. Last week I was so pleased that Aberdeen scored and won.Not for me,but for all the good Aberdeen fans I meet and sit beside at Pittodrie and people that have supported the club all their lives.Any team can have a bad run of games and it was good to see the Dons win at last.This weekend,it is back to normal,Derek McInnes praising his team in defeat.Alex Ferguson corruscated an Aberdeen team for winning the Scottish Cup,he was singularly unimpressed to come in to the dressing room in his early days and seeing the players happy to get a draw in Glasgow.You have to aim high,you have to start the season wanting to win the league.Celtic and Rangers have millions but they still sign duds..Aim to win the league,if we don't,fine,we understand.Derek McInnes has never ever said we are going to,we are trying to, win the league.Not even when he won the first eight games one season.Timid,pal of the players,.'we feel for big Fraser just now',know your place,third and a couple of games in Europe in August when the team is unprepared.No,he goes in the summer and we finally get to 'see' Dave Cormack's cards when he has his own chioice and appoints his own manager.We are playing out the season for the draw in cricketing terms,playing the percentages,boring us and coming out with platitudes,'if big Ash scores early on....That is Derek McInnes all over 'there was a lot to like about us today' !! Heard it.Heard it a hundred times.
  5. He knows his stuff that boy Graham ! Didn't know what Iwanted to hapen today.In the end I was really pleased Aberdeen won.Always want Aberdeen to do well.When we are doing fine I can go months hardly contributing to afc chat.I get annoyed when we struggle and underachieve and show no long tem planning in bringing in short term loan players.All three did well today and teams do have dad runs,Maybe now Derek McInnes goes through to the summer and departs on good terms.Do not know how Derek McInnes and Dave Cormack get on.Significantly it isalways ;the Chairman',never'Dave','big Dave' or even 'David'.They are not close.We will only learn about Dave Cormack when he makes his first managerial appointment,I was encouraged that staying at Pittodrie beach area was not a problem to Dave Cormack.i think Derek McInnes will depart in the summer on reasonable terms,glowing tributes in the P&J,then the very interesting times will begin.
  6. I will take that on board Millertime !Often get too long winded and digress. I remember John Robertson was made mnager of Hearts and asked what his aspirations were,'to win the league'.Well said.good on him.Mcinnnes was a wee timirous,take off forwards hold on to the 1-0 win,bore the arse of us all every Saturday afternoon.I do apologise for the intemperate word there ! optimistically spoke of McInnes nin the past tense there.Funny feeling he might get a good result tomorrow v Killie
  7. Love playing McInnes bingo each game,each interview,in eight years we can read him like a book now. What he is going to say and his favourite phrases !
  8. That is the impression iam getting too now shooftah, think McInnes has been found out.Even the most mild-manered journalists now are questioning him and the answers are less and less convincing.He could previously pull the wool over our sheepy eyes with tactical jargon and the classic , 'i see the boys every day in training' but it just doesnae wash any more,He should have been out the door 0-2 at home to Livingston,a midweek diehard crowd would have been incandescent half time that night if crowds present.
  9. The media have certainly given Derek McInnes good regards for all his fine second and third places behind the beloved Old Firm.You are doing well Derek,but know your place in Scottish football !t is all woe are us.Even that season he won all first eight games,he never ever said,we are going for the league..Aim high to win the league,and finish third fans, understand.Aim for third and Kilmarnock,Hibs,Motherwell have a good year and suddenly you are fourtth ,fifth sixth.The media do respect Derek McInnes as a football coach and manager but they are beginning to have their doubts.
  10. I think McInnnes is a bit of a bullshiter in public and in the dressing room.Why do so many,McGinn,Hayes,Taylor go away and come back,McInnes praises them all the time and gives them a free pass to walk away and come back.There was several years players were guaranteed a game regardless of form.Shay Logan was a good player but he seemed to be the only right back at the club.There were half a dozen like that,never seen McInnes strongly criticize an individual.A poor performance by a player and we discover they were carrying an injury we were not aware about before.Excuses. For what it is worth Neil Lennon is often a very honest,too honest manager.Prefer that to the patronising 'wee Bruce','young Dean',big Fraser'and of course'there was a lot to like about Craig Bryson,when ah signed him,he was just never fit''.Allegedly,never misses a game now at St Johnstone does Craig Bryson.
  11. McInnes always has had grovelling sycophantic journalists hanging on his every word.The other week he tried to suggest Aberdeen were unlucky against Hibs and tried to make some point of how Aberdeen were hard done by.bbc interviewer just looked at McInnes.First time I had seen McInnes squirm and no answer.Even wee Jane Lewis made a fool of him with his six games no goals and 'wee Bruce' scoring at Hamilton.All match reports I read gave 'big Fraser' Hornby a pretty poor assessment.Kamberi good player at Hibs but they are on loan ,no future planning.It's pathetic now.
  12. The Eddie Turnbull mobile phone analogy was not literal ,it wasj ust to illustrate how delusional Derek McInnes and Neil Lennon are.Their teams have had pretty poor seasons and they are in complete denial as to how poor a season each has had.Celtic are stil second and Aberdeen fourth.What does that say about the glorified pub league they are in,where David Martindale and Jim Goodwin are hailed as visionaries. In golf Celtic are about par or just below par,being second,yet behind their biggest rival.Aberdeen are fourth, being in the third citty,third biggest budget,definitely below par,struggling for the cut.Couple of European games,home before the postcardsAugust,big deal,was ever thus.
  13. Too many long winded contributions on here graham !!!Go to my Facebook page Graham Forbes, Milngavie, Aberdeen,I have summed things up in a picture and less than 100 words.
  14. Can you imagine the late great Eddie Turnbull exchanging a few cheeky wee texts with his managerial colleagues !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Les Dennis,,Family Fortunes',I'll give you the money myself',we had to get thrashed tonight and McInnes sacked in the tunnel in the decisive manner Roy McGregor at Ross County would have done.We just linger on to the next big game v Killie at empty Pittodrie with loan players,duds with no long term interest in Aberdeen.It is a fucken mess.Bruce Anderson a young player we brought through,scores again at Hamilton.I would forget Europe and a couple of European games in August,and fill the team with Anderson,bring Ethan Ross back,Virtanen,McLennan,Ngwenya,Hanraratty,Barron, Calvin Ramsay,give these boys some games in an Aberdeen first team shirt over the next few months and build for next season.We are not going to get relegated.Play players who are champing at the bit for a game to join contemporaries Dean Campbell,Lewis Ferguson,Ross McCrorie with Joe Lewis and Andy Considine to bring some experience.Bet that sort of team would beat Kilmarnock Saturday,not sure a Derek Mcinnes Saturday selection could care less about Aberdeen,McInnes included,who is there til the summer only at best.Only when Derek McInnes departs do we see the real Denture Dave Cormack.We will probably get some top-notch American soccer coach we have never heard of, with Bobby Clark as adviser on the local Scotchland and Aberdeen football scene.Need to put Derek McInnes out of his misery and let him join Neil Lennon and all their bum chums in the media.
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