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  1. That saves a thumping by Alloa , now get a captain that kicks ass, and a manager that doesn’t look like rasputin, and has a football brain between his ears. St Mirren wanted to win Aberdeen just hoped they’d win.
  2. I’d love to see some f——-g effort and passion from a team of dumplings wearing the red and white. And maybe some goals. ??????????
  3. St Mirren put us out of our misery please.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. What’s changed just like the last 2 games. Utter crap showing again.
  5. I’d bring back willie miller and MacLeish and strachan and Lou moult on crutches for the 2 st Mirren games.
  6. Biggest budget, and signed mostly zimmer drivers. [ Cormack do you have a replacement in mind who isn’t attracted to hopalong Cassidys. )
  7. All I saw was his beard moving. That could be the reason his players don’t understand his instructions at half time. Weh yeh git ah gol if fook Sikh.
  8. Same dedication same passion. Another capitulation. They won’t. Beat St mirren twice.
  9. If they play with the same dedication and passion as they did against the huns, and go a goal behind, Hamilton will win this.
  10. Ok professor flecks sake I will alter it if it’s a draw rice n pudding should stay in the tin or bin.
  11. So if it’s a 3-0 win for them and rice does that mean the pudding in charge of the dons get sacked.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Too many players still out, and the rest will be suffering a hangover from the ibrox thumping. 1-1
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