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  1. They may have a chance if all the sporting team collapse before the kick off.
  2. I certainly recognise your name BLOCKHEAD. Num Nuts. I think you may be a brain damaged director.
  3. Mcinnes would probably sign Findlay currie and he’s been dead for years.
  4. They all must be suffering from brain damage, bunch of idiots.
  5. Doesn’t matter if covid comes to the rescue they. Will get Motherwell later on and get thrashed again.
  6. I can’t wait to see McKennas replacement that zimmer hunter Mcinnes comes up with. I don’t think Mcinnes is capable of putting a team together that will win against sporting Lisbon. Getting thrashed from Motherwell at home puts that to bed.
  7. Nothing’s changed from last season, same manager same mistakes. McKenna should take Mcinnes along with him to Nottingham and lose him in the Forrest.
  8. Agree if Aberdeen can’t take any points off Celtic or rangers this season and get dumped out of the cup by them, Mcinnes needs to go.
  9. Wright needs to start putting the ball in the net.
  10. By the look of Mcinnes and his beard his great great great great great grandfather must have been a BADGER.
  11. Jim Leighton was the best goalkeeper Aberdeen and Scotland ever had. Well done Jim for going public about your cancer and treatment. Brave on and off the park.
  12. Well the fact is and was the same last season there wasn’t enough goals scored, it was too near the bone a lot of games last season and looking the same this one.
  13. Good win, but the lack of goals scored the past 5 games does not bode well when goal difference counts come end of season. Need to start winning games 3 or 4 nil. Has Mcinnes any finger nails left, any more squeaky bum games and he will be starting on his toe nails.
  14. The difference is a cow knows it’s full of shit, and the hole in its bum is where all the shit is released. Sturgeon still use s her gob.
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