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  1. If is spot on. If they perform the same way as against sevco, and rasputin lookalike has the same tactics in mind, If will change to wont.
  2. Yep if they keep being positively negative like the sevco game they will positively be in the bottom six come season end. And Mcinnes. Should positively quit with all his negative tactics.
  3. That’s a lot of senior irresponsible balloons, as far as the apology letter goes they wouldn’t have the brains to word it as it was released. Next statement will be, We will make it up to our fans by thrashing Hamilton and celtic after we have a few beers and a bottle of wine. 🍺🍺🍺🍾
  4. Nope I would give him or maybe them by the end of the week 10 years without parole. And the bearded leader 20 for his weak leadership. There’s no discipline at AFC. Does Alex Ferguson want a short term contract to bring these self imploding idiots back down to Earth.
  5. Sevco just signed striker from anderlecht called Roofe. 4 year deal that’s second spot gone for the dons now.
  6. It would boost your chances if the other 11 teams were all playing with one leg each , but Mcinnes would still be terrified to put out an attacking team. He wouldn’t know what to do he’d be totally confused with 11 players skipping around on one leg.
  7. 5th Dundee United will finish 3rd. ( My opinion )
  8. No but he has had an Indian experience.
  9. Mcinnes quotes today, Anderson had a tough game against my blue nosed buddies. Plus the forwards lacked pressing ideas. Mcinnes you are supposed to be the manager and coach like previous seasons you have no fricking idea and tactics. Most of the blame for lack of ideas is you have none.
  10. Where can you find a manager who plans for the team to put out, a manager who wants to play attacking football a manager who has a brain between his ears a manager who doesn’t lay down to the old firm a manager who isn’t all talk talk a manager who hasn’t got a love in with sevco, a manager who throws cups and kicks boots around the dressing room slams doors and uses a blow torch. Sadly he’s too old and lives in Manchester. But I’d rather have him back pushing a zimmer than the fake dick Aberdeen have now. .
  11. If Aberdeen don’t have a win in august and September will cormack have the balls to sack Mcinnes.
  12. Under performed. Un prepared. no fight. same shit from a manager who still has a job and out performs Houdini. He was probably in the sevco dressing room telling Gerrard and his team of muppets how wonderful they were. I wouldn’t laugh at hearts if Mcinnes is still in charge at seasons end this team will be joining them in the championship.
  13. McInnes rattling on about the boys need to rest up now before the Dumbarton game as they’ve worked hard.??? What a ponce worked hard at what rubbing in Mchunis sun tan lotion. It ain’t Barcelona your playing on Saturday Mchunis it’s Dumbarton. As far as the Kennedy signing it’s now he should be signing not on a pre contract either. I don’t give a monkeys if the friendly was a bounce game your lot couldn’t put the ball in the net. AGAIN. The problem is there’s too many breaks during the season, global warming and their still taking winter breaks in case it SNOWS ☃️⛄️☃️
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