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  1. Bye out codona’s flatten the land and flatten the cafe’s.
  2. Tweetie Pie. Tweet Tweet. XXX. BUDGIE.
  3. Take down codona’s and move it to the empty land at the bridge of don. There would be objections from residents in banermill and constitution street with a stadium on their doorstep, it would drag on like kings ford.
  4. He couldn’t keep a budgie in a cage never mind a budget.
  5. Wright shouldn’t play for the dons again. He’s in love with the blue mafia from the central belt, he would weaken the team more than it is if Mcinnes plays him again. Throw in cosgrove and your playing with 9 men. No scotty should go now and join the other rat that fell in love with the mob.
  6. Super Blockhead are you pish free. Right now it is doom and gloom, look at Mcinnes signings ( not all ) in the past that he’s hyped up that have turned to be fit for the accident and emergency at foresterhill or just crap signings he has checked out and signed. Mcinnes is an arrogant patter merchant who loves to talk the talk and pass the buck, look at the way this team has struggled to get results against teams they should have slaughtered. He is satisfied with aiming fir 3 rd , can’t get a decent cup run, gets thumped by bottom teams like Ross county. He is incapable of motivating players to perform over 90 minutes. I think supporters want more from a team and manager. AFC needs players that give 100 percent each game, and a manager with an iron fist that can kick ass and motivate them every time they take the field for the whole game and not for 45 minutes when leading 1- 0 He gets chicken and defends for the next 45.
  7. Well they should stick to cartoons. Donald Trumps looking for a job.
  8. Why is it that Aberdeen seem to let players go for peanuts, and hardly ever make big money, who runs the wheeling and dealing side, Micky Mouse and Donald Duck.
  9. Mcinnes will be weeping in wrights shoulder saying, Ah wish Ah Wis Comin Wee Ye Scotty. Ye see am a King Rat as weel.
  10. Well let’s hope they build a tunnel from the proposed new stadium to flush out Mcinnes. And some of the dross he signed.
  11. They will come up with the excuse, ( It’s too far from Cormack park and we need the new stadium near. ) They would take 5 years to think about it. ( (Clowns.)
  12. He’s taking covid 19 with him to replace cosgrove 9.
  13. Your wrong it’s Rafa Nadal Mcinnes new striker says he’s ace and hits the ball like a rocket.
  14. Three seasons ago rangers were shite. The league cup tea cup won on penalties against Inverness from the highland clearances. This season and last few beaten by teams who Aberdeen were supposed to have beaten with ease. Scraping 1-1 0-0 draws . Bottling it against Celtic and Rangers. Europe just visiting. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mcinnes terrified to go for the jugular. If you think this is inspiring your easily satisfied with bullshit performances and a bullshiting patter merchant from the glezga mafia.
  15. Cosgrove retires. Going into the production side of football team shirts.
  16. Mcinnes ———We have 2 games in hand and we will be well clear in 3 rd spot.??????????????? Against Celtic and Livingston !!!!!!!!!!!!! Who is going to put the ball in the net. The Wind. All talkie talkie Mcinnes the glezga gift of the gab.
  17. Corcocodile done deek. Loves crocks.
  18. How long have you and your boyfriend shut up meg been together wooden head. Definitely 2 happy clappers that thinks the sun shines out of deekies arse.
  19. Good you’ve been to spec savers and had an eye test. When’s the brain test.
  20. Is that you knocking on wood.
  21. Willie miller great player. But his opinion on Mcinnes in today’s evening express is way out and be careful what you wish for. Mchunis Unable to put more than 1 or 2 goals past inferior opponents. Unable to take points off the old firm except the 3 -3 draw with Celtic. Unable to beat bottom of the table team. Unable to stay in the cup completions. UN—-Fricking ___Able to pick a team that gives 100 percent.
  22. When did you escape Ross clinic. Don’t tell me you must have joined the intellectual SNP party where all the other smart asses and idiots went.
  23. Nobody wants to sign for the dons now, and Mcinnes will never get his man.
  24. Looks like you can’t put a sentence together from the above blockhead statement.
  25. The culprit should be given a medal.
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