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  1. Put the cunts to the sword. 5 0 Dandies.
  2. Fae follow follow, re fkn halliday going to hearts... We don't know that, plus it's very likely only Aberdeen and Hibs would have been able to afford him. Not good enough for us, but more than good enough for the rest. 🤮🤮 imagine if mcinnes signed him??!!
  3. You lot have always been horrible. Fkn signing thon huddock is embarrassing.
  4. McInnes needs to shut it because most games this season we have looked good and a joy to watch.
  5. Just get women off sportscene, they are crap to listen to. I hardly watch Sportscene live now. Just sky+ it then run through the show to watch what I want. I'm not sexist byrawaybut....
  6. Aye wh bumfuck, grunnie budge fairly put her own team in their place. G'wa n fuck right off back to where you belong
  7. With any luck it will be McInnes! 😇😇
  8. He will be back at the end of his career as his house will nae have sold by then.
  9. Hoban starts in defence and McRorie in midfield, Edmondson starting and getting a few goals in first half then Hoban can come off with no injury worries. McInnes will set us up not to lose if he starts the likes of taylor. Thats where our problems start..... My thoughts anyway.
  10. I hope we start with a winning team, score a few in 1st half then sub off some that need the rest. The league is our bread and butter so need to get the winning mentality back. 1 - 3 Aberdeen.
  11. Got to win this convincingly. Play Hoban and use a back 3. Edmondson on from start to grab a few early goals.
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