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  1. BWG


    He never will be. Just another Gleeson type albeit with actual ability on the rare occasion he's actually fit.
  2. Leigh is the least of our full back or defensive problems right now.
  3. BWG


    Scotty S as manager with Brian Irvine's nephew as assistant?
  4. BWG


    For the record, do you count yourself a "sensible fan"? If so I'll expect him bulleted by February at the latest.
  5. BWG


    Bruce Arena the next dons manager.
  6. BWG

    In The News

    You'd have to be a right poove to buy a woman flowers.
  7. Even with nae legs he canna be much worse than Devlin?
  8. Yes. Been a problem for years now. Every time it's the same story, wait for the fullback to trudge over and take it, then it either gets thrown to the opposition or we do that shitty little one-two manoeuvre and then lose it.
  9. His name is Billy and he played for the huns and now Chelsea. What more evidence do you require?
  10. BWG

    In The News

    Gap in the market.
  11. BWG

    Eu Referendum

    MPs vote against allowing a recess for the Tory conference. We now have a paralysed minority government. What a time to be alive.
  12. BWG

    Eu Referendum

    Is she not compelled to take the advice though? I don't think she really has much say in the matter. It's all just antiquated protocol I think. Personally I'd execute BoJo and the queen, just to be safe.
  13. Who gives a fuck? He's a hun. I hope he loses both of his legs.
  14. BWG

    In The News

    I get quite a lot of them as well. Country problems. It's the one time having three cats is an advantage and at this point they're a well oiled extermination squad. Many a time I come home to find a a cohort of flies lying decimated on the windowsill, presumably after an ill-fated escape attempt. Treats are issued as a reward. Usually dreamies.
  15. BWG


    He said 2 years ago. So it wasn't from the beginning, was it? A lot of us could see where McInnes was taking us and it's come to fruition. Amazing how cunts still can't accept that.
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