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  1. DelMonte


    0 COVID patients in Grampian according to someone on twitter. If true, what a fucking shambles.
  2. Not a chance Anderson would have done anything. Rangers game surely proved he isn't the answer in games like that. Weak as piss.
  3. Wild stuff on here. There for the taking maybe but they are a quality side we didn't expect to beat.
  4. DelMonte


    So the NHS weren't stretched. A total myth. Clapped for NHS workers for literally no reason.
  5. DelMonte


    They could have stayed as normal the whole time. 67 million pound hospital not even touched.
  6. He's struggled against the total opposite kind of striker.
  7. DelMonte


    You can care about your fellow citizens in another way though. A lot of people think there is more danger from the consequences of lockdown rather than the virus itself. Its a perfectly reasonable argument.
  8. You said we wouldn't get over a million. Definitely eats away at you.
  9. DelMonte


    I thought it was about not overwhelming the NHS. We've established that won't happen. We built a hospital that has cost 67 million thats never even been fucking used once.
  10. Probably not. But you did say we wouldn't get over a million.
  11. Please don't make my dig it out, I've managed to prove you wrong on this subject before. Unlucky loon.
  12. Over a million @Millertime Time to apologise for your nonsense a few years ago. Don't make me dig out the post where you said we'd not get over a million, I can't be arsed.
  13. We've been very good recently so has to be put down to an off day after the McKenna news. Nae the end of the world.
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