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  1. Zeus


    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-54228649 Decent article
  2. Guilty of believing the early hype against dross (Chikura maybe?) He'd been poor since the Rijeka game when he got sent off. Was arite vs St Mirren in the cup, from what I remember. Yesterday he was terrible. Don't know if he's just not gelling with the team or what. They had a 4th goal chopped off in the first half due to his poor pass. He just can't seem to find a teammate...unless it's a 2 yard sidewatrds ba.
  3. Zeus


    Be Aberdeens fault
  4. Riga 0-2 Celtic Willem II 2-1 Huns Beer Sheva 3-0 Motherwell LASK 2-1 Dunajska Shkendija 0-2 Spurs Sporting 1-2 Aberdeen🤞🏿
  5. Zeus


    First part of the 2nd paragraph could describe me somewhat only dinna want anything like another Lockdown 😂 Get the sentiment though, and with the numbers currently in hospital it's hard to swallow the upcoming nonsense restrictions
  6. Zeus


    Sare min. That's the problem though. Seems the majority of folk shouting for Lockdown either dinna work and never have or bide at home with their ma.
  7. Only a comprehensive win in Lisbon makes up for that shitshow
  8. Did McDermid just call Stephen O' Donnell, Phil O'Donnell 😬
  9. One thing from this. Hopefully Taylor and Ojo never make an appearance again. Dire.
  10. That the rules now? Watkins knew fuck all about it. Brutal rule
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