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  1. 100% Whilst the whole players being out saga is massively embarrassing and they should be punished accordingly (perfect excuse to get rid of Bryson), made to publicly apologise and let it be known in no uncertain terms how much they've let the fans down. However the idea Aberdeen is the only city with crammed pubs and no one giving a fuck is complete shite. Unfortunately it's kicked off here first. Now test and Trace has found a load more, the vast majority probably asymptomatic who'd of not otherwise known. Be watching with interest if they hammer Edinburgh or Glasgow in the same way when there is inevitably a wee spike there at some point.
  2. Ronnie Hernandez is a terrific signing tbf
  3. Aldi Special - Studio 54 IPA It's nae bad at all
  4. https://www.afc.co.uk/2020/08/07/chairman-statement/ Would quite like this to be shown externally also.
  5. What a complete shit show this has turned into.
  6. Stv Johnstone P-P Aberdeen (3-0 Default) Hamilton 1-2 Ross County Livingston 1-1 Hibs Huns 3-0 St Mirren Kilmarnock 1-3 Celtic Motherwell 2-1 Dundee United
  7. Twitter account with the handle "true blue" in it. Nae doot a raging hun bastard spreading nonsense
  8. Zeus


    Whether or not you like the beer it's still potentially more job losses. Which I'm sure you'll agree is just more shite news.
  9. Zeus


    I got that WhatsApp Mentions the Abbot...Abbots not on the list of bars. Surely shite? Lot of gossiping wifeys gan about
  10. Zeus


    No she doesn't. She's an unfunny, annoying arsehole Unless this is a whoosh?🧐
  11. Zeus


    1.3% today I think it was. Under 5% is under control apparently.
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