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    Does that mean we can go to the fitba?
  2. The "it's only been 1 game" & "what better can we expect" arguments are grating on me now. 1. We've been shite for the guts of 3 seasons not 1 game. 2. Why should we just accept mediocrity, shite fitba and shitting the bed at regular occasions? We all know the Glasgow cunts spend way more than we do but it's possible to have a go. Rangers are fucking shite and more than beatable. Very likely we are stuck however. Wonderful.
  3. It was Mcginn. Free kick in a great position and it didn't beat the first man. The hun cunts then brokeand nearly mustered up a decent chance from it. Infuriating. I like mcginn but he is terrible for that.
  4. Zeus

    What You Doing Today?

    ^best curry house in the North East. IMO
  5. Zeus


    There's going to be an element of risk in all of this until we (if we) ever get a vaccine unfortunately. I get why we need to be cautious but if some got their way and we close all the bars and resteraunts again then what happens? More job losses and has a chain effect on suppliers etc. I was at the bar a few weeks ago and it was all well set up everyone was keeping distance etc. Took details when I got in. Would be a shame if one, or a few like minijc has mentioned to spoil it all. The worst of it makes the media but the vast majority stick to it. It's a topic that we are all never going to agree on
  6. @Sooper-hanz How is the Carahrtt t shirt? Full review please Nae complaints from me. Size down, fits perfectly. Good quality. Will use again. Didn't know where else to put this since the clothes thread is gone
  7. Zeus


    Test and Trace in place to deal with this. Was always going to happen. But folk calling for Hawthorn to be shut need to wise up. Its nae the bars fault
  8. How was a'bodys virtual season ticket? Worked fine for me, mirrored from laptop onto TV. No cuts in the stream, lags etc. Pity the fitba was absolutely honking.
  9. Same as the last 2 or so years. Uninspiring pish. No spark, flair and pedestrian as fuck. Who knows where the goals are coming from. What's even more annoying is the huns are also really pish. Just have a go Derek min On the slight plus side I thought Hernandez was decent and Edmondson looked okay when he came on.
  10. Zeus


    Cheers min. Who'd run a Internet forum eh! Been furiously refreshing the page after that shit show yesterday....
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