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  1. Annoying. Another opportunity missed. Sporting are nae great. Diving cunts, but nothing special.
  2. A right annoying cunt. Played for Liverpool I think.
  3. Zeus


    What was the outcome of the Fridge? Revenge?
  4. Fuck it changed my mind. Sporting 0 - 1 Aberdeen (Watkins)
  5. Zeus


    Can't remember, something to do with other respiratory illnesses. Was deep in thought with work tbh. Another lad was on ridiculing Vallance and Whitty which was also good to hear. Pretty much said we need to take precautions but the blanket restrictions on everyone was unfair. I'm no expert, don't claim to be either but was refreshing to hear rather than the likes of Vine
  6. Zeus


    Wifey (canna mind her name, a professor)was on Radio Scotland earlier - reckons Europe will have herd immunity by the end of Autumn. Terrific.
  7. Zeus


    As long as I get a lynx africa gift set I'm happy tbh
  8. Zeus


    Sare min. That's a lot worse than me. I couldnt be arsed arguing the point earlier. April was cancelled for me, moved to August, that was cancelled. Not been rescheduled. Its relatively minor for me (hopefully) but would be good for a bit of peace of mind. Hope it's sorted soon for you
  9. Zeus


    That's not what I'm saying Parky. I was clearly being sarcastic. Have measures in place for Covid, aye. The furlough or economic help folk are getting is fine, but come on now their is a chain reaction and the help only goes so far. Owner of a Belmont cinema earlier on radio Scotland explained this well. Actually fuck it, canna be fucked even arguing back more. Shut everything, protect the NHS, save life's. 😄
  10. Zeus


    It's all about Covid moobs, come on now. Doesn't matter if your terminally ill with Cancer or have had a life changing accident. Close everything, doesn't matter about folks livelihood.
  11. Zeus


    Less than 5 in Hospital in Grampian. Up overall but these are in the central belt. 2 deaths in Scotland.... Of folk that tested positive. So might nae of actually have been covid
  12. Zeus


    Near 500 cases today. The vast majority in the central belt
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