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  1. Zeus


    That's me got to stay safe and stay and home for the next 10 days. Fucking terrific
  2. Nae great by any means but we deserved to go through. Their pen was a fucking shambles. Never a pen.
  3. Also out. You've wiped out my savings
  4. Nae looking good is it useless old fool
  5. Mickey Mellon and his exciting brand of football seemed reasonable to me
  6. Nah some cunt managing in the Irish league. Ah he showed a bit of pashion in the derby vs some other part time yokels!
  7. Really wish we'd appointed an experienced manager with plenty experience in Scottish football like Stephen Robinson, Derek Adams, John Hughes or Gary Locke
  8. Nae difficult for the puny hun to bulk up to be fair. Does beg the question why he was always a skinny runt here and never put on some sort of program to bulk up a bit.
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