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  1. Zeus


    Disgrace. They don’t deserve a ventilator if they end up needing one
  2. Zeus


    This isn't a lockdown Roads are busy Whatever happened to STAY AT HOME See folk that spout this. Wise up eh
  3. Morag and the chocolate factory
  4. John Burridge's autobiography 99p on the kindle. It's arite. Haven't read a fictional book since school tbh
  5. Zeus


    Agree with the fattest, unhealthy part. A massive part of the death toll imo
  6. Zeus


    Schools not back till May now is the chat. Ace!
  7. Ferguson and Hedges were the standouts today for me Kennedy decent as well
  8. Hedges, Ferguson and Kennedy were very good. Should've won by a lot more
  9. Aye, I've been critical of him but he's been good today.
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