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  1. Yep, very disappointed. Dusted off and will go again tomorrow night with matches @ Leyton, Newcastle & Rochdale. Expecting a better performance 🀞
  2. Over 2.5 goals treble has been a good bet for me over years. Starting from Saturday will post a regular tip for interest / consideration. To this end propose matches @ Accrington, Cambridge and Mansfield for Saturday 12th September. Good luck whatever you punt 😁
  3. My understanding is that Saturday's test still on. Have entered ballet accordingly.
  4. The Soul Eight, soon to be seven. Fa's next. Devlin then possibly McKenna for a fee. Bryson will sign for Killie after Saturday's game and we'll sign Findlay from Killie after McKenna is sold to the English Championship, StokeπŸ€”
  5. Agree + reckon that post Soul Bar drama squad has a hunger about it to make up for that whole, sorry fiasco. I am confident that we are going to have decent season which, hopefully, has some European game time in it🀞
  6. Testing issues down Leith way. Surely not another Dons' game in danger of being cancelled πŸ€”
  7. ☝️ Agree in general as long as departures lead to us bringing in a left back, perhaps Leigh on a permanent deal. Have seen enough in last two games, albeit against poor opposition, that we may fair better this season. Hopefully a positive result against overrated Hibs will back up my early season thoughts πŸ€”
  8. Can certainly see the Thumb on loan until January and Tims buying McKenna on the cheap, compared to our previous transfer fee expectations.
  9. Aye you would know right enough πŸ€”
  10. Saw him home and away last season and seem to recall that he scored against us both times. He also at least scored against the Tims in a decent overall goals return.
  11. A couple of weeks on still angry at the actions of the egotistic eight, and continue to disbelief that they didn't know the rules and/or guidelines. The "rumours" of unrest may well not be anywhere near the mark some on here thought but really don't think that all eight players will remain around as the season eventually unfolds. Depending upon where McCrorie is fielded will give us a clue as to how the queue at the revolving door will be formed but, like I say, I definitely can see departures which will lead to new recruits, especially if transfer fees are received eg. McKenna and/or a crocked Cosgrove. If the latter transpires can see Ross Stewart being pursued.
  12. In time, one or two may go. In the meantime Si the Seagull and Donnie the Sheep's futures must be in doubt πŸ€”
  13. Woody21

    Spiken Sh*t

    Many believe her daily press conferences help matters as opposed to Boris's "hide in a fridge" approach, which is certainly not appreciated down in Englandshire (check his current poll rating). I am generally a supporter of the SNP but am critical of the late lockdown, the initial approach to care homes and the exam gradings fiasco. However you will really have to get used to the effects of this very contagious virus. Normal life IS NOT going to return for quite a while and Nippy Sweetie's press conferences are essential to inform and warn the less bright members of society on what to do and what not to do.
  14. ^ This + you don't hold parties with various households (The Thumb) and you don't fly to countries that require 14 days quarantine upon return (Boli). I am sure that there will be other players from other clubs who will have broken similar rules. Footballers have a dream job with various relaxed rules to allow them to return to work in a bio bubble. It is high time that these footballers realise that the rest of us are having to live by some really hard restrictions, whether we like it or not, and follow similar guidelines.
  15. I have been called mental for my opinions over the last few days or so for going "over the top" with my criticism of our 8 football players breach of the rules and guidelines. Now that a couple of Tim players have done likewise albeit the lad who travelled to Spain absolutely takes the biscuit for totally flouting the rules, I cannot believe that ANY of the players involved didn't know what was right and what was wrong. Are they really that arrogant and believe that the rules don't apply to them? Football really requires to get it's house in order pronto or the season will be suspended with all the ramifications that brings. It really is a serious, serious situation.
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