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  1. Going to be infuriating hearing McInnes try to spin that as anything other than an abject failure
  2. Never saw that. Strangely makes me enjoy his tears today a little less as I assumed it was just his true Hunnish side coming out
  3. I literally came on to enjoy the reaction to this. Didn’t expect it to have its own thread. Cunt never shed a tear when we lost a game to them
  4. Horrible performance but that’s what we are this year. Just an inconsistent but better than average SPFL team. I suppose it could be worse but fuck me there’s not much we do that will draw in the casual punter
  5. Aye Liverpool have really been held back by American ownership
  6. Ferguson is a joy to watch at times. Great blend of robustness and skill today
  7. What about a manager achieving the same as McInnes did. I.e. winning one trophy and generally bringing a sense of things being better after a period of stodginess
  8. “Utter stinker” is ridiculously harsh on the boy. Got himself in great scoring positions twice in the first half only to be ignored by hedges and cosgrove
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