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  1. He will have to adapt and fit the teams style and balance. Otherwise he can fuck right off. His goals and performances previously have earned him the right to play for me. We need to give him a chance. However, it is dangerous to fuck about with a winning team and method.
  2. Cosgrove may well come back in and his goals on top of what the team is doing would be very welcome. Every team benefits from a prolific striker and Cosgroves hold up play isn’t too bad. His link up play can also be decent.
  3. It’s ironic that your face isn’t an arse as lots of shite comes out of the hole on it. 🤭
  4. Ah sorry about the spelling mistake there mr nazi spelling police. Being judged on majors should not be the be all and end all. Colin Montgomerie proved his abilities and qualities beyond any reasonable doubt during his career, in many various aspects of the game. He was in the cauldron at majors coming down the stretch but through no real fault of his own didn’t manage to win. The guy was a fantastic golfer and i can’t ever see anyone ever winning 7 order of merits in consecutive years. That alone is a much greater achievement than managing to fire on all cylinders for 4-5 days to win a major, never mind everything else he achieved. There are quite a large number of major winners, Ben Curtis, Todd Hamilton et al that have proved that being a top player is not a pre requisite to winning a major.
  5. Just lol. Lawrie did well, no question of that. But simply not in the same category as Colin Montgomery.
  6. Most i’ve heard the fans sing in years. Fucking bossed it
  7. We are a good side. Best squad of players we have had in years and i am actually quite surprised at the amount of decent players we have. A good striker and we would be laughing.
  8. Mcinnes just picked his nose and wiped it on his beard
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