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  1. Millertime advocated not going for it. He will be enjoying this.
  2. I bet he didn’t.
  3. How the fuck can small businesses contemplate paying 55% of an employees wages for 33% of their hours? Given employees are only working 33% of their hours, does this not also suggest that production and in most cases, sales and margins are down by a relative percentage. So, in a lot of respects, it will actually be costing an employer/business owner to operate, rather than making profit. Can’t see that trending myself.
  4. That wasn’t the question that was asked. And care homes were always likely to be at serious threat due to the comings and goings of staff. There are highlighted cases of how poorly care home residents are cared for by staff at the best of times. They will be by no means blameless in the scheme of things. Your complacent dismissive attitude of everything Covid is surprising. Its almost like you just want to be contrary of the establishment rather than anything else. I also find it interesting the way that folk continue to draw comparisons with stats of the flu. Covid stats are exceeding the flu in almost every aspect, despite the drastic measures that have been taken all over the world to try to minimise transmission. All the people with this seemingly selfish, complacent, ignorant attitude towards Covid are a major part of the problem for me.
  5. Sweeping statement of the month there min. So, if there hadn’t been a lockdown and all sorts of other lengths gone to in order to minimise transmission of Covid-19. What do you think the statistics for it would be in relation to the flu?
  6. Have you got any evidence to support this statement mate?
  7. At the peak during March and April, normal admittance figures for intensive care wards was exceeded by 46% in Scotland alone. Dont forget this was when everybody was being locked at home. Why are you limiting it to UK hospitals?
  8. I’m not even going to answer that min. Do you not watch the news and see reports from Italy, France, Spain etc?
  9. Not as strange as your initial statement of if it wasn’t for the media no one would know this virus existed. If it wasnt for the media, half the protective measures that have been put in place also wouldn’t have existed and the deaths and cases would be ten fold by now.
  10. Must be a right bunch of ignorant cunts then.
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