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  1. They let their club die. Shameful behaviour.
  2. We get it. It's not catching on.
  3. Only reggae I enjoy is the dub stuff by Lee Scratch Perry,King Tubby etc.
  4. Nope. They should index the records by artist. Too much of a pain in the arse looking through them all otherwise.
  5. I saw the most awful record in my life yesterday in that Red Robbin place. A collaboration between Shaggy and Sting.
  6. That's pretty much all of Paul Young's hits covered
  7. Is it? That wrestling thing passed me by. Only one I've heard of was Hulk Hogan.
  8. These wrestling fellows seem to die quite young ?
  9. Paul Young duet with Tup. "Wherever I lay my hat, thats my gnome"
  10. btw If Half Man Half Biscuit are looking in on this forum you can have that line as a lyric, lads. ^^^^^^
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