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  1. Less likely that El Hanzo will kiss his mum with tongues in a pub. I gave you the reasoning ( not my reasoning) for the question asked and you reply with 'mum' jokes? cool
  2. Ok, I get you, but the reasoning being given for this is that pubs, cafes etc are a controlled environment whereas the home is not. Apologies if it comes across as 'scoffing' but the reasoning has been explained countless times yet folk still come away with this argument.
  3. Don't get what you're on about , matey. It's not really my place to explain it but what particular aspect of it are you referring to?
  4. Great Sophie Elis Bextor track
  5. No one is that poor that they can't afford to buy a poly bag to keep their head dry.
  6. I would rather Styro was joking about it and she was still alive, rather than he was being serious and she's dead. I'm sure he would as well.
  7. I am fucking sick of folk coming away with that pish See if you actually listen to Prof Leitch explaining the reasoning then it makes sense.
  8. There's also far too many records in each crate as well.
  9. Now the next thing I know, someones gaun and tripped me and i've fallen just inside the box (thats a penalty)Now ref he looks to his linesman and he's pointing right at the spot! (thats brilliant)Now John Robertson, who normally takes them, is handing the ball to me (you dont say)and then i hear ma old lady screamin' blue murder, shes saying, "thats no the ball yer kickin' ya eejit, its me!" I have a dream ! ( we have a dream)
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