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  1. Yasssssssss, a corona virus thread. @moobz @parko. get stuck in lads.
  2. Your great bantz and engaging , charismatic personality negating that of course.
  3. Sooper-hanz

    In The News

    what a funny story . i wonder who got the power pack? @Parklife
  4. Thanks , but it was only a bit of awkward , heavy lifting .
  5. No2 podcast on this is really good.https://open.spotify.com/show/26lUz3nA53o3vm3HRiCy56 DM gets a few mentions on it. Just watched the video footage on Youtube as well. Some goal from DM. THAT tackle though and the pass from Mciness that led to it , Crikey.
  6. I sold a 32 inch Sony TV on ebay once. The fucking thing weighed a tonne. Took 3 of us to shift the bastard.
  7. There's loads of vacancies in Openreach at present with the fibre programme just now, RS.I think the problem is in offering someone an ultimatum to train as an external engineer when they may not be physically or mentally capable of such a change of career.
  8. There's no way Openreach would train someone without a job at the end of it. Absolutely no chance.
  9. Could have been Rose West. Fred hiding in the boot cracking one off.
  10. It's a lot of work for not much reward.
  11. I can say Saskatchewan without starting to stutter.
  12. Is you sat doing ' chinky eyes' then it would work out fine.
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