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  1. I did wonder that, matey. The pavement is quite narrow outside which limits things. NRSWA and all that. They definitely need a bigger premises though for that kind of venture. See Mono in Glasgow
  2. I tend to agree with you. Who knows? He might get homesick, work out he's made enough dough for life and take the easy option of returning home in couple of years.
  3. Is he balls. He's been bought on his potential. If he flops down south he could quite easily end up back at Aberdeen. Personally speaking I don't think he'll ever be top notch.
  4. You need to use the correct terminology Mobz. That would have been a ' baseball bat'
  5. I played an entire round with a 7 iron once. It put me off golf.
  6. Well, maybe Im too trusting, My impression of her is of someone trying to do the best for her country. . She's being advised by a team of economists and health experts etc.., . Ultimately she makes the final judgement based on what the experts all her. That's her job. Time will tell whether she has handled it well or not but the uniqueness of the situation is the major factor in this and I for one don't envy her task.
  7. She is the First Minister
  8. Ash Taylor taught him all he knows. Like how to keep an eyDELETED ON LEGAL ADVICE
  9. I know, but what is the number? it was always about protecting the vulnerable though and the whole problem is balancing that No one ever said that it was going to kill every cunt. If you ask me there should more campaigns to prevent folk turning into fucking blobs. All this easy access to getting fast food delivered to your front door will kill more people than the 'ronas. iyam.
  10. I suppose what Im wondering is, what is the percentage of people who test positive that go on to develop symptoms?
  11. haha no worries Boof. I was just being a cunt.
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