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  1. Sooper-hanz

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    'mon RS, you keep alluding to this. Cards on the table. What do you believe is going on here?
  2. That has to be the longest foot in the world.
  3. Unless you hate the cunts you're at the wind up .I gave my dad my old car when I bought a new one. There is no way on this earth I would ask my parents for money for anything .
  4. Fruit and veg always tastes better in Europe. I had a peach of a nectarine in France once. pun intended.
  5. Mizo gets all his nutrients from Zubr.
  6. A regular chug is good for the prostate imo.
  7. Fair point but the kind of folk who consume a load of shite will not be of a mind to buy multi-vitamins.
  8. From a bottle of Sunny "D'.
  9. That's why i put 'should'. It's harder for the body to absorb vitamins from a tablet. There's a lot of research to say a load of it is pished out. Vit 'D' you should get by going outdoors.
  10. Pish .you should get all your vitamins from your food.
  11. Here we go Mizo !! If I could may I recommend their album of B sides. Sci-fi lullabies. top notch Mizo. Top notch .
  12. Sooper-hanz

    In The News

    As does the door to the right of it as well.
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