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  1. You’ve not had 30 seconds to try on a t shirt but have time to post about not having time to try it on?
  2. Sooper-hanz

    In The News

    She’s no oil painting tbf
  3. Your thumb is longer than my cock, matey. That is one long thumb.
  4. Are you eh Boof's sock puppet?
  5. Another carharrt wip pocket tee. size L colour-cypress
  6. ..., over you.., crine over you. sang the big O.
  7. Not sure if Im missing the point Parko, but why not just use your house toilet if you need a pish?
  8. I have not watched a single minute of Big Brother. I know it is shite without watching it.
  9. They say never meet you heroes.
  10. Preston going into lockdown.
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