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  1. Pished and rattled. ^^^^^ Tee-hee. Just exposed your contradictory bullshit again.
  2. i might have done when I was pished.
  3. She wont shut it down. The clubs wiil be under strict instructions to tell their scummy fans to rein it the fuck in or else . I expect Slippy Fuckwit to put out an appeal to the mass mongos " eh , eh la' calm down. don't go to Celtic Park la'." etc..,
  4. The beer is actually named after the famous fictional detective Mobz. It's flipping well lovely as well.
  5. You were going to but shat it. #lest
  6. Were you going to ask to take a picture of them with their drinks in a real fucking creepy fashion ?
  7. I once put Fairy in the dishwasher because there was no tablets left. Not a great idea.
  8. Sooper-hanz


    You'll be fine Moobzo.. I'm almost certain no one will ever cast up the fucking crazy Blairgowrie Kickboxing Ninja Turtles.
  9. Looks like it's about to fucking kick off there, MH.
  10. With the same cleaning product? Mr (love) Muscle?
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