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  1. He was the toaster boy of his generation
  2. You nailed it. The thing is we're the first generation to experience what will be the norm.
  3. Lezzas are ace though. If I was a woman I'd defo be up for a bit of lezzo action.
  4. I get what youre saying SR but Ive never played at the highest level but could easily comment on a game. There are very few pundits about who actually point things out tactically that you are unaware of. I include all male Scottish players in this. It's all cliched pap. The women have just copied the men. Glenn Hoddle is the best at explaining shit. A cunt of a man but the best analyst by miles.
  5. I think Fridge and MT are the same person.
  6. Good thing about those is the cones will already be 'broken in' if they are ex-display. Just be careful some cunt hasn't been blasting the shit out of them,
  7. I wouldn't say Ive enjoyed it but you have to make the best of situations. Optimistic cunt ,me.
  8. Sooper-hanz


    I had some blonde skank on my shoulders for 3 songs who kept screaming at Jarvis. Got picked out by her because I'm over 6ft and that's fucking massive in the west of Scotland. I sniffed the back of my t shirt at the neck section when I got home.
  9. Fo the life of me I just don't see the appeal of doing that. He'd have to pay me thousands to shite on a glass coffee table.
  10. Thats a great point Mini. When I was getting my hair cut a few weeks ago I was going on about what Id been up to since Id last seen her since lockdown, blah blah key worker , just stuff in general and she said " You actually sound like you've enjoyed this". This contrasted with her telling me how frantic with worry she had been with almost having to close her business permanently. Really lovely norks on her as well.
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