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  1. I’m going to B&Q . Then to look at sofas. Then to post that t shirt back . Then food shop. Then paint a ceiling. Then wire a security light. Then trim a door. Wash car..then do a jobby. Then make dinner. Go for a quick spin on bike . Bed .
  2. Sooper-hanz


    Ach well. Never mind.
  3. Sooper-hanz


    How's the garden pub going , Parksville?
  4. Too early to tell. I don't think they'll score a lot of goals but they won't concede many either. Celtic will score more but their defence is worse than the Huns' imo.
  5. Straight red. Daft tackle but if VAR was in operation up here then Arfield would have went as well. Cunt jumps two footed when he realises Considine is sliding towards the ball.
  6. Could you maybe tell that boy in China to not eat that bat ?
  7. That goes without saying . It’s all down to modelling and because of the novelty of the situation that is the whole crux of the matter . And shit. Anyway , I’d rather make up ‘tup’ montages than indulge in serious debate .
  8. Correct. Wee Nicky has been exceptional. BUT, if cases rise then it’s back to managing the curve , especially over winter . its not a difficult concept.
  9. Aye, its a bad cold, but it's all about managing the curve. That's all you need to worry about. Cunts have bother getting their mongolly heads around this simple thing. Manage the curve.
  10. Bloody giant , matey. Sending it back. I got a WIP one from END clothing and that fits fine , despite being a large as well.
  11. Russia reportedly carrying out mass vaccination in October.
  12. Sooper-hanz


    How can they just do that without warning? Doesn't sound right that.
  13. Taylor is just Taylor though. You know what you're getting from him.
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