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  1. I have no probs with DF. Good poster imo. You are a prick though. A bottling prick
  2. Sooper-hanz


    Like I said, it was very funny. I should thank you for providing such lols.
  3. Sooper-hanz


    The address thing was out of order. You pooping your pants was a separate matter. Dazzy admitted he was in his house having a laugh ( as most folk knew) but had you in an absolute frenzy . So much for the ' big man of the North East ' stuff you go on about . " I did this , I did that" etc.., Was very amusing.
  4. Sooper-hanz


    After the other night the little credibility you had on here has gone " Erm.., but Ive just had my dinner"
  5. Sooper-hanz


    “ He who doth bottle the feud is said to have the shitted breeks’
  6. Sooper-hanz


    He’s a weird one for sure
  7. Sooper-hanz


    Read it PROPERLY torie boys. “The first minister stressed that elimination was different from eradication, and was about "getting it to the lowest possible levels we can in a country". She added: "It doesn't mean it has gone away, it doesn't mean it won't rise again if we stop doing the things we need to do, but it gives us more confidence that we can keep it under control.
  8. Sooper-hanz


    That she never said that.
  9. Sooper-hanz


    Parky is right to keep asking this. Was wondering the same thing.
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