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  1. https://www.afc.co.uk/2020/09/23/how-to-watch-thursday-nights-match-with-sporting-cp/
  2. Alarm bells were going after the Sevco game but 4(/5) wins in a row isn't bad. Feel like it's been a while since we've done that...? With regards to the crowd, how many people would we get in if the spacing used today was scaled to the whole stadium? 5000 maybe? I suspect we won't be allowed to the way things are currently going anyway.
  3. In what capacity? Things didn't work out for him here but he surely has something to offer as a player above that level
  4. Thought he was going to be a genuine difference maker but just never really seemed to get going. https://www.afc.co.uk/2020/09/09/craig-bryson-departs/
  5. "A stepping stone back to us"? But he was already at Sevco...
  6. Managed a whole season at Norwich couple years ago, playing fairly regularly and managed not to score. Not played much at Bristol the last few years. I guess when it comes to short term loan signings of a striker the options are fairly limited though.
  7. Any serious prospect he'd be considered for the job full time?
  8. Would that be how it works? You have to pay the fine, rather it just being withheld from wages? And on what grounds would the players feel the fines were unfair? They caused the postponement of two games, a load of senior players missing training for two weeks and the club a bit of public embarrassment.
  9. Think Campbell's first and second games were both against Celtic. Granted he might not have been isolated in one on one situations like a full back might get into more often but that's still in at the deep end.
  10. Michael Hector just gained promotion to the English Premier League with Fulham
  11. Well, I think the idea is that it's the folk who go to away games will congregate in the Merkland for this and create a bit of the away day atmosphere. So it'll probably be fine. I'm not sure what happens next though. Fans see/hear it and think 'that's something I want to be apart of' and the club go 'maybe we'll have something like that in the new stadium in 5 years'
  12. Well, hopefully but I wonder how many of that 800 would have gone to the game anyway but just sat in another stand? How many weren't going to go and are only now going because of the standing thing? I suspect that reduces the significance of the figure.
  13. The whole stand is going to be unreserved standing.
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