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  1. maryhilldon


    Not looking good.
  2. That solids MH? Haven't came across any for about a year.
  3. The Scottish lassies fight was decent, good win for her.
  4. maryhilldon


    £5 at 6/1 on Packers to win by between 13-18 points. Go Packers
  5. You think I'm a Trump fan? I've never said anything to support him. I don't like politicians of any persuasion.
  6. A lot of those blue collar workers will also be Democrat voters, seems like a strange thing for a man of the people like yourself to be pleased about.
  7. She's off her bloody rocker.
  8. TBF pops, that was 40 years ago. You changed much these past 40 years?
  9. What times the main event?
  10. I've noticed you always @ someone else when you reply to me. Weasel.
  11. Speculate to accumulate I say. No rewards for shitebags playing it safe, that's Mcinnes tactics.
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