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  1. maryhilldon


    YAASSS!!! Just checked the score. Fuck you Detroit. WHOOHOOO. Go Packers. 🏈🏆
  2. maryhilldon


    Anyone know how the Packers are getting on? Did they win?
  3. Is there a points per game % system in place? For the benefit of the late starters? 🤔
  4. The burd on Sportscene just said about Shankland 'that's what he brings to Scottish football'. Did I imagine that?
  5. maryhilldon


    I couldn't disagree more GB. I loved them back in the day, bought their first 3 albums, but that song is Doves by numbers. Zzzzzz
  6. I wonder how many actually feel unwell.
  7. I'm not giving County £15. I'll find a stream or not bother.
  8. Hamilton 0-1 Dundee Utd Livingston 1-1 St Johnstone St. Mirren 1-1 Kilmarnock Motherwell 1-2 Hun bastards Celtic 2-1 Hibs Ross County 1-2 Aberdeen
  9. And in the 50s, when he moaned about fuckin niggers and pakis taking all the jobs.
  10. Is it racist to assume the shooter was black?
  11. Did he say the same thing? I didn't notice. Calm down.
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