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  1. All this advance booking shite is no use to me. I'm a 'mosey on down and see who's about' kind of guy.
  2. maryhilldon

    George Floyd

    Surprised you let him get you wound up. It's the Hat, not to be taken seriously.
  3. On the vino rouge atm, head down to the boys for the game and get on the Kronenbourg.
  4. Instead of taking money from them, you should've got them to clean your bog or your oven.
  5. Had West Ham on my early double, had to assume it was another loss.
  6. West Ham losing 2-0 and a man down though, so it's not gonna matter Hanzo.
  7. maryhilldon

    George Floyd

    Ehm, well I'm a terrible timekeeper. Oh, and a kleptomaniac. So, when do I start?
  8. maryhilldon

    The Cryptos

    He's just trying to annoy RS.
  9. Stupidity is not knowing that that's the definition of 'insanity', not 'stupidity'.
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