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  1. And in the 50s, when he moaned about fuckin niggers and pakis taking all the jobs.
  2. Is it racist to assume the shooter was black?
  3. Did he say the same thing? I didn't notice. Calm down.
  4. Psycho babble as usual.
  5. Somebody that's just about to lose their job is saving fuck all.
  6. We're all waiting with baited breath RS.
  7. ^ Such a wanky reply.
  8. The Beta Band - The Three EPs. Forgot how good it was.
  9. 😆 Santa comes on December 25th silly.
  10. Tough gig for parents explaining why santa can't visit.
  11. 😆 It all makes sense now.
  12. Listening to London Calling right now. What time is it?
  13. My local is about 200 yards from Murano St. Rammed with freshers for the last week or two. The staff are like nazis when it comes to regulations but there's only so much they can do.
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