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  1. No - not more like, you disgusting little bastard I'd watch yourself meg son - I'm no sure you're equipped for a trip to Mental Anguishville
  2. Dad


    Aye that's it Don - that was me in breaking bad Jesus fucking Christmas time
  3. A few weeks later they'd done the triple double or summat Conclusions - Alan Hansen is a cunt
  4. Good Joe son Dad and the Dons for life
  5. The Dons end Joe son - the fucking Dons end; obviously Cheeky wee arsehole - come on now You cut Dad open theres a big load of letters that spell out Aberdeen, A Don right through to the core
  6. Aye yon wee private message thing on Instagram there - @ConsiCanBoogie1903 Hook us up son
  7. Out of order TC son - I'm one of the first in the queue any match I attend, regardless of nearby options
  8. He'd rather retire than line up for the Dons On Instagram no Twitter btw; yon old cunt TC thinks it's all Twitter haha Old prick
  9. Aye I get that son - just usually you're take no prisoners type; now you're offering excuses out to anyone who wants them It's like you don't care anymore - I was concerned son
  10. Not like you to slur excuses you useless cunt son - bad day?
  11. Born 1957, in Renfrew Glasgow - martindale sold drugs, went to jail; then became Livingston manager a wee while ago.
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