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  1. They've been doing a bunch of weight training and stuff; tired as fuck. A wee rest - a terrific cunting of yon pish, then onwards to the final. See yous at Hampden.
  2. Dad


    You did did you Prick
  3. Dad


    Is that why hp ain't about anymore?
  4. Dad

    Tv Series

    He's got an overactive thyroid. And he's married to kirsten dunst. How - I do not fucking know.
  5. Dad


    Sorry son - I'm addicted to it. That's me now. Promise.
  6. Dad


    No no son - that's 'aids ridden shit tattoo covered hibee prick'
  7. Dad

    What You Doing Today?

    'put down the spoon dave, you junkie hibee arsehole'
  8. The one in Dingwall is the only one I know of.. Is there any more?
  9. Dad

    In The News

    1proof of being a dullard ^
  10. Dad

    Pet Hates

    Right pair of moguls ^ In fact - pair of arseholes it is
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