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  1. Never in doubt son haha You make me wish I had three hands
  2. Right you are son Zeus has Dons 4-0 by fuck; mines is tame haha
  3. Either way - a mere 1 banger 15
  4. A litre of cranberry juice half price in Morrisons the now Off the page
  5. Son - what's happened; we were bros this morn just
  6. Aye great Don son - nowt to do with you and your shocking interpersonal skills Arsehole
  7. A shame But here - it's these kinds of moments that really hammers home just how precious the good times are (Whenever it is they decide to appear). And keep in mind - the Dons to come; no doubt manys a fanciful wager placed...and I've a sneaky feeling they'll rescue us all from the doldrums Minus 2 for me - what say yous
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