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  1. Dad


    Any suspicions you may have harboured alluding to TC being a dirty wee bastard proven factual ^ - hoo mama In the name of fuck
  2. Dad


    Ach no Zeus - he's a delight
  3. Dad


    Just to throw a bit of extra weight behind the pro-Leon campaign; a proper terrific terrific prick Much love Leon son
  4. You cannae put a price on maturity. Deep convo and interesting times or swapping clothes and watching Xbox play; the young hetro male generation are in real danger of losing the chance to date their counterparts owing to their lack of grown uppedness. Some lassies may enjoy cosplay or whatever pish, but a solid core of them dinnae.
  5. 25 btw..what is she experimenting or summat? How come she's hanging out with grandpa fonte?
  6. Ach I'm just being a cunt son; I know the score (not very often tbf haha ah no) Next week
  7. Aye - no exactly tip top prep that Don; in danger of taking your duties for granted you wee prick Norwich Arsehole
  8. Dad

    Lockdown Skills

    I ain't got time to bleed - pass me a sanitary napkin please
  9. A cold hard lesson taught today - hoo mama
  10. No wonder Bri tbf - they are fucking shite Hoo mama
  11. Hoo mama - much obliged Mary son Here - its early
  12. Please - thrill us all with your awe-inspiring swill about Aussie rules and Montenegro leagues you ugly bastard fuck you son
  13. Aye - got too itchy too quickly there last week; much more of a definite sense of the ugly fuckers influence smearing itself across the good name of Derby County. Franchise-defining potential here Don son
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