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  1. Right you are son Zeus has Dons 4-0 by fuck; mines is tame haha
  2. Either way - a mere 1 banger 15
  3. A litre of cranberry juice half price in Morrisons the now Off the page
  4. Son - what's happened; we were bros this morn just
  5. Aye great Don son - nowt to do with you and your shocking interpersonal skills Arsehole
  6. A shame But here - it's these kinds of moments that really hammers home just how precious the good times are (Whenever it is they decide to appear). And keep in mind - the Dons to come; no doubt manys a fanciful wager placed...and I've a sneaky feeling they'll rescue us all from the doldrums Minus 2 for me - what say yous
  7. There he is You've a similar level of belief running through you as I do, Zeus son - that's the stuff
  8. The excuses shoehorned in haha ^ Great to have yous back once again - all the hallmarks of a top, top day today Terrific
  9. Dad


    Did you know that 'Joby', is a first name? Why the fuck would you call your young un, 'Joby' In the name of fuck
  10. Terrific the good news just keeps piling up ^ So to today - with Bris pish coming the morrow to assist getting us back to sleep for a nice morning snooze - we can batter on full tilt at todays DWT, and by fuck it is a good one Hoo mama
  11. Dad

    Tv Series

    Itll be worth it in the long run probably son
  12. My taste buds don't need much these days
  13. Dad

    The Cryptos

    Ah no - here come the waterworks haha Right you are son - terrific Great days these by fuck Hoo mama
  14. So likely you willnae then Pish and wind
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