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  1. Sporting, although not great, strolled that after their early goal. Easily soaked up what little we offered - shots on target for us? We couldn’t even use our set-piece ‘threat’ because of the way the ref called the game. Couldn’t use our other ‘threat’ of the counter cos we shopped that early goal.
  2. A game of 2 shots on target - does the penalty count as 1 of those? Dont see how anyone can have confidence in wins during the rest of the group games or more importantly, the playoff...
  3. Does the winner of this tie also get to take home the ‘energy cities cup’?
  4. The seriousness of this situation - I’d be surprised if Derek hadn’t spoken to Cormack and agreed their stance on the matter - what things to stay and what to sidestep. Ultimately his press conference was fine and you can’t have expected anymore from him - despite the anger and backlash.
  5. Hermes are a pish delivery company - but they’ll be saying that it’s tim delivery drivers doing the damage because they can see the Rangers logo on the packaging - 😂
  6. Problem being he sees their strengths rather than their weaknesses. One of which is the counter attack. So he worries too much about that. You pressure their players - especially Goldson. They aren’t use to it and they don’t like it. Also get some crosses in to test mr angry who stays on his line. We did the latter once all game and it nearly paid off.
  7. Watched it back and got to give some credit to McKenna - definitely has a hand in smashing him into the post. Cracking sound it makes as well. Mr angry on the other hand - didn’t get touched. One of these days he’s gonna burst a blood vessel in his brain...
  8. It’s more arse covering. They know it won’t come in before the season end so have something to blame if they don’t win the league.
  9. Was about to say this. But a good result today and we’ll draw with livi/lose to Hearts again..
  10. There’ll be no presents for the wife if this doesn’t come in...
  11. Dunno what’s worse - dwq or dereks decline
  12. I dont want him to have a chance at signing Dom ball or the like. We’ve let him waste enough money already.
  13. There was - which is a shame as it was as they left and not continued enough in the ground. But then again in the ground - you have folk clapping Ferguson for a 35 yard shot the keeper saves with his eyes closed when we are 2 down. So it was never going to pick up. I bet people still clapped them off at full time..... I’ll be glad if we fall behind we’ll into fourth and hibs could get us to fifth. Maybe everyone will wake up to the ongoing shite
  14. someone fast to run into long balls over Goldson and helander, who are both poor/slow in the turn. They are both ordinary/poor defenders, but due to teams sitting off and allowing huns to have all the possession - they are touted as being excellent. Kent and Morelos are both petulant. Kent looks a bit greedy also - a few niggly fouls and a lenient ref could help with those two. However the outlook is pretty grim right now.
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