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  1. What's an appropriate response? I'd say having a Tory PM in Westminster telling Scotland it can't decide it's own future is advancing the case for independence pretty well
  2. She responded with a series of tweets within 20 minutes of Johnson publishing his response: https://twitter.com/NicolaSturgeon/status/1217044125389815808 And then a full statement 10 minutes later: https://twitter.com/NicolaSturgeon/status/1217047157599100928
  3. Yep, playing a winger as an attacking full back is exactly the same as playing Messi at centre half. You got me
  4. Hedges played left back in the second half away in Georgia after Taylor went off injured and I remembered thinking he looked pretty effective there and offered an additional attacking threat. Think he was involved in the build up to our equaliser in fact? Could be wrong but it certainly came from the left.
  5. How is playing an attacking player at left back negative?
  6. craegDAMH

    In The News

    You've called this a "guardian article" to try and imply there's some politics behind this, but it's just the guardian story about a report which was prepared by the famously left wing US Defense department during George W Bush's administration. The report was stating the climate change was a major national security concern for the US and COULD lead to millions of lives lost due to natural disasters and war. That some hyperbolic predictions by non-scientists didn't come true doesn't mean that the thousands of pieces of research and mountains of data collected by actual climate scientists which support that the climate is changing is a "hoax" A quick google and you will find this being reported by BBC, Guardian, ABC, CNN, The Australian, Daily Mail, Telegraph etc. It's not a big issue because there are always hundreds of people a year charged with starting bush fires in Australia, it's not that newsworthy. The reason these bush fires have been so bad is because Australia is get warmer and there is less rain. 8 of the 10 hottest years in Australia on record have happened since 2005. The photo came from one of the two trains she took where she didn't get a seat because it was crowded. She later got a seat in first class (whether it was expensive or luxurious I have no idea because you just made that up). Even if she was speaking shite, it doesn't make climate change a hoax, it would mean she was speaking shite. As usual, you're speaking utter shite
  7. A few hundred grand is peanuts for these clubs. You're moaning that we're shite and in 4th so we should be signing players to improve us and at the same time moaning that we're not spunking our entire transfer budget on 16/17 year olds who've never played senior football.
  8. And he's played almost every game since, that's my point. If this guy hasn't had a debut for Killie he's not going to come up here and play every week so we can't be spending a big fee on him.
  9. You think we should be spending what would be a top transfer fee for us on a 16/17 year old who has never played first team football?
  10. We replaced Langfield with Scott Brown before we found Joe Lewis.....
  11. You've decided you think he's shite so you need to jump on a shite team performance where he wasn't in the game to try and prove yourself right, embarrassing behaviour
  12. I've never been convinced Anderson can play up front on his own and lead the line for a team at this level (and I'm still not). But he won more headers than Curtis fucking Main did today and that goal was one of the few pieces of top quality we've seen from anyone this season. If Anderson doesn't start the next game then McInnes has his head up his arse.
  13. Assist against the huns and involved in the build up for the goal v Hamilton, and should have had an assist against Hamilton as well if McGinn finished his chance in the first half.
  14. You're speaking shite, you don't need photographic ID to be a Labour member
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