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  1. What's an appropriate response? I'd say having a Tory PM in Westminster telling Scotland it can't decide it's own future is advancing the case for independence pretty well
  2. She responded with a series of tweets within 20 minutes of Johnson publishing his response: https://twitter.com/NicolaSturgeon/status/1217044125389815808 And then a full statement 10 minutes later: https://twitter.com/NicolaSturgeon/status/1217047157599100928
  3. Yep, playing a winger as an attacking full back is exactly the same as playing Messi at centre half. You got me
  4. Hedges played left back in the second half away in Georgia after Taylor went off injured and I remembered thinking he looked pretty effective there and offered an additional attacking threat. Think he was involved in the build up to our equaliser in fact? Could be wrong but it certainly came from the left.
  5. How is playing an attacking player at left back negative?
  6. craegDAMH

    In The News

    You've called this a "guardian article" to try and imply there's some politics behind this, but it's just the guardian story about a report which was prepared by the famously left wing US Defense department during George W Bush's administration. The report was stating the climate change was a major national security concern for the US and COULD lead to millions of lives lost due to natural disasters and war. That some hyperbolic predictions by non-scientists didn't come true doesn't mean that the thousands of pieces of research and mountains of data collected by actual climate scientists which support that the climate is changing is a "hoax" A quick google and you will find this being reported by BBC, Guardian, ABC, CNN, The Australian, Daily Mail, Telegraph etc. It's not a big issue because there are always hundreds of people a year charged with starting bush fires in Australia, it's not that newsworthy. The reason these bush fires have been so bad is because Australia is get warmer and there is less rain. 8 of the 10 hottest years in Australia on record have happened since 2005. The photo came from one of the two trains she took where she didn't get a seat because it was crowded. She later got a seat in first class (whether it was expensive or luxurious I have no idea because you just made that up). Even if she was speaking shite, it doesn't make climate change a hoax, it would mean she was speaking shite. As usual, you're speaking utter shite
  7. A few hundred grand is peanuts for these clubs. You're moaning that we're shite and in 4th so we should be signing players to improve us and at the same time moaning that we're not spunking our entire transfer budget on 16/17 year olds who've never played senior football.
  8. And he's played almost every game since, that's my point. If this guy hasn't had a debut for Killie he's not going to come up here and play every week so we can't be spending a big fee on him.
  9. You think we should be spending what would be a top transfer fee for us on a 16/17 year old who has never played first team football?
  10. We replaced Langfield with Scott Brown before we found Joe Lewis.....
  11. You've decided you think he's shite so you need to jump on a shite team performance where he wasn't in the game to try and prove yourself right, embarrassing behaviour
  12. I've never been convinced Anderson can play up front on his own and lead the line for a team at this level (and I'm still not). But he won more headers than Curtis fucking Main did today and that goal was one of the few pieces of top quality we've seen from anyone this season. If Anderson doesn't start the next game then McInnes has his head up his arse.
  13. Assist against the huns and involved in the build up for the goal v Hamilton, and should have had an assist against Hamilton as well if McGinn finished his chance in the first half.
  14. You're speaking shite, you don't need photographic ID to be a Labour member
  15. It's not though is it, given the tories have made tribunals impossible for most workers, the trade union act has limited union power and made collective action harder and Johnson is now saying that certain strike action is going to be illegal. I could've also added the human rights act and racial discrimination laws to the list too. The former will be getting overturned in this parliament no doubt and the tory manifesto also spoke about "arresting and seizing the property" of Roma travellers.
  16. Off the top of my head... the NHS, the welfare state, workers protections, holiday pay, employment tribunals (decimated by tories since 2010), minimum wage, social housing, trade union rights (for now), equal pay act, decriminalisation of homosexuality, the open university......
  17. What we need is more people in politics who have spent their whole life wanting to be prime minister to satisfy their own ego and therefore have never done or said anything that they think can be misconstrued. That would improve politics....
  18. The Sun lost £90-odd million last year. It makes massive losses every year. Why do you think Billionaires own these businesses which lose them millions? Because controlling the news narrative works in shaping public opinion. That said, Labour didn't lose BECAUSE the UK media is dominated by the right. It is a factor in why Corbyn's personal approval ratings were low though. It partially explains why people think Corbyn has no charisma despite the reality that he draws huge crowds everywhere in the country. And why people think Johnson "did a good job" as London Mayor without really having any evidence to back it up. Now the media narrative is "Labour was too far left, it needs to be a centre left party". Ignoring the fact that it already is a centre left party and the policies in its manifesto consistently poll at around 50-60% in favour
  19. He was decent on the ball against St Mirren but I don't think he did enough without the ball which I think is why he got subbed off. He was spraying about some great passes when he came on at Hibs and when he came on against Hamilton I thought he was excellent. He gets unfair stick for not playing forward passes despite playing two key passes in the St Mirren game that led to the first goal and the chance Ferguson should have buried. The fact his teammates trust him enough to give him the ball in shite areas where the only pass he has on is a backwards / sideways pass is pretty telling. McInnes rates him, I don't think he's playing Vyner / Leigh in there because he thinks Campbell isn't good enough. He played him at Ibrox and we got a kicking. Probably more a case of protecting him a bit when the team (and manager) is under pressure to get some points. He's got 16 appearances already this season playing under the pressure to get results, including in Europe. It's not like he's not been involved. He's training and playing with quality players Ojo, Bryson and Ferguson. That's got to better than going on loan and getting gubbed every week with 30% possession playing for some relegation fodder like Hamilton or Hearts
  20. I can't be arsed arguing the merits of communism / socialism vs capitalism, there's no perfect system and I prefer one that aims towards collective ownership and fairness than one which requires and desires there to be massive inequality. Since you've moved the goalposts so far they are now in the sea I guess you've conceded the argument that "marxism is probably as abhorrent as fascism" is a load of mince?
  21. No they don't From the original article: He said: "In our first hundred days, we will start the process of bringing water and energy into public ownership. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2019-50704546
  22. Historical materialism, recognition of class struggle and common ownership are "probably as abhorrent" as authoritarian, ultra-nationalist social Darwinism....? Righto
  23. Right, white people are more "note-worthy"... wink wink... There have been "great" empires throughout history, white people didn't invent imperialism. The empires of European nations are just the most recent, so the effects of them are still being felt. The British empire stole the natural resources, the wealth and in a lot of cases generations of actual people in many countries and installed an extremely hierarchical and unequal society. It's hardly a surprise that the legacy of that theft of wealth and resource is still evident today. Wanting to create a great German empire was what informed Hitler's ideology so you're not helping your case here with regards to spouting white "note-worthiness" I fucking wish marxism drove society, I really do. What about our society is marxist? Marxism isn't a euphemism for secular by the way. Also, I really hate to keep mentioning Hitler, but you do keep bringing up nazi propaganda so I feel I have to point it out. That "cultural marxism" nonsense you're repeating from some of your far right morons on Breitbart or wherever is an antisemitic conspiracy theory that "the Jews" are trying to bring about social decay in the west.... the nazis ran left wing, Jewish intellectuals out of the country and used them as propaganda as to why Jews were a fifth column in pre-war Germany https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frankfurt_School#Cultural_Marxism_conspiracy_theory
  24. Increasing corporation tax to levels still below other major economies (France, Germany, USA etc.) Increasing tax on those earning more than £80,000 Borrowing with interest rates at low levels It's incredible how 40 years of market liberalism has conditioned people to thinking that funding basic public services is somehow crazy or "scary". Even if the Labour manifesto was implemented in full tomorrow, we'd still be spending proportionally less on public services than such communist hell holes as Italy, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Finland & France... Stuff like water is a monopoly, there's only one pipe taking water into your house. You can't take your business elsewhere if the service is shit or the cost is too high. So you end up with shitty, overpriced services just because the companies are looking after shareholders instead of the people who use the services.
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