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  1. That Glaswegian dick is not an Aberdeen supporter. So 2 votes + the infiltrator.
  2. Best player yeah ? In a 4-1 defeat to Fukin Ross County ? Wise up man
  3. If AFC had a bit of balls about them and a semi competent forward line then yes, there may be a chance. We have neither so forget about it.
  4. Attacked the cross coming in off the right in my eyes. You know very little about football.
  5. Cause Cosgrove is quite frankly a waste of a jersey. The high energy pressing game from earlier in the season is out the window without Watkins and replacing him with a guy who has a demeanour and body language about him that he can’t be arsed. What can’t be ignored however is we are replacing him with Main where quality wise there is no improvement, however I would expect a higher work rate.
  6. Cannot believe he was not sent off there; truly awful refereeing
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