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  1. Cannot believe he was not sent off there; truly awful refereeing
  2. Stop saying we, You have fuck all allegiance to Aberdeen Football Club Imposter
  3. Might be wrong but don’t think league suspensions roll over to cup ties. I’d be astonished if we win the appeal after seeing it, yeah he’s clearly won the ball but with both feet of the ground it will be deemed reckless and endangering an opponent.
  4. Very underwhelming. Last few games we’ve seen some promising flashes but these very rarely lead to any end product coming from him. Really disappointing signing as just like Stevie May I’m sure we’re all willing him to be a top player for us. Is it the player or how he’s being managed, who knows, but it just isn’t happening and hasn’t for the vast majority of his time here.
  5. Gordon Strachan, yeah a complete prick I know, but what a contribution for us between 1979 till when he left in 84. An outstanding Aberdeen player who had that touch of arrogance that separates the good from the great. Honourable mentions to Peter Weir & Eric Black.
  6. Coincidence that he has his regular right sided centre half back beside him when he played his best stuff for us. Shay has been average at best since Ash Taylor has left / been injured.
  7. Played in a position where he was more effective instead of being hung out to dry defending wide left against tavernier. Runs about a lot and has a decent turn of pace but lacks the game intelligence for that role. A rabbit in the headlights first half.
  8. Remarkable that this is now level. Get after the cunts
  9. Making Tavernier look like Cafu with how we have set up formation and personnel wise. Fucking recognise this and change it man
  10. I can’t think of 3 accurate passes being made after 20 minutes by anyone in red. Very weak and passive so far. A long night ahead.
  11. Aye, maybe exaggerated a touch, did enjoy it though.
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