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  1. None left. Corona got em all.
  2. Kip on my balcony man. Bring some birds, Buckie and Irn Bru. Sound.
  3. A fine contributor to this community. A brother like Grays wells up with...... excitement when Dayts makes a post. The best cunts here write little scary tales of their lives and show the good people the inner workings of their dark minds. Full throttle, top speed, half blind, in to the fray. Terrrific.
  4. Do they have JSA in Kinshasa? They fucking might. Haha. Imagine rocking up in a dinghy and demanding a home and some free money. You might get lucky. Worth considering in post apocalyptic UK in the aftermath of the flying Aids and Brexit. Everyone should have a Plan B, C, D......
  5. He did the same a few weeks back. Shouting his mouth off about immigrant freeloaders who come here to get an easy life and on another thread tbe same day bragging about how he'd stolen a living for x amount of years at his job by pretending to look busy. I like him though, cos he's mad and tells some cool real life stories. Hearts looking for the right place, head all over the shop - probably Sturgeons fault.
  6. Sounds like a standard Friday night in Scotland for a load of bastards.
  7. That's how Sadowitz opened a show I saw at the Edinburgh Festival about 15 years ago. Last I heard of Galloway some angry Jew bashed him up in the street. Ah well.
  8. I'm going to talk about people in spoonerisms tonight so I don't get sued, ok. So, when I say Beorge Gush, you,ll know who I mean. And when I say Bony Tlair, you'll know who I mean. Ok. So...... George Gallaoway. What a fucking cunt.
  9. Man uses snake as face mask on bus, and no, not in Liberia, India, Venezuela or Wales. In Manchester, England. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-manchester-54163293
  10. Indeed. It must surely be counter productive. Get out and get your nature on. Back in the day during the black death they culled and killed all the cats as they believed they were carriers of the plague, thanks to the weirdo Pope and his crazy superstitions at that time. And what was the result? More rats, that were carrying the fleas around biting motherfuckers and spreading the sickness. I guess what we must all agree on then, is that cats are ace and Fuck The Pope.
  11. Happened to a mate of mine.
  12. Happened to a mate of mine ^
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