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  1. You will get your pub Moobsy old chap. Keep the dream alive. 👊🏼
  2. Where is this magical free library? Speak now or I shall slice thee open thy swine. Cheers min.
  3. His posting priveliges have been removed until at least 24 August, pending updated government guidance on the 20th. l o l
  4. Read it. Awful book. Boy is indeed a wank. Writes and acts like a Hearts fan. They're welcome to him.
  5. You sleep in a mask? What the hell are you? Some comic book bad guy....?
  6. Put the mask on you stubborn fool. You're not 16 years old.
  7. I'll come and work for you man. Always fancied mincing about in one of those maids outfits like Les Dawson. Wee glory hole in the adjoining wall and I'll forgo the salary. Teeeerrrific.
  8. Nice one Hanzage. Just been out on the bike myself - Glorious day for it. Was like a motherfucking Supergrass video. Fuck your granny right in the pussy. No offence.
  9. I was talking to the doctor. Not the disease. No offence.
  10. Perfectly acceptable if it gets on someone's tits. My nigga !! 😘
  11. They should be fined for that statement. And docked 12 points.
  12. Hard to run when the blood that should be pumping round your heart is swelling up your tadger.
  13. If Benevolent Bill is reading this I'm having real problems fixing my motor. Looks like it's fucked. Any "tips"? 😉
  14. Whining cunts. All good for the semi final though. They'll all be taking to the field with big old beer bellies, not knowing their team mates style and no match practise. And there they will get PUMPED. 😊
  15. Freeloading cunt. Bet you've got the fucked one on EBay as "hardly used". I'll be watching you. 😉
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