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  1. The first man to be cured of HIV............ Has died. https://www.bbc.com/news/health-54355673?at_campaign=64&at_custom4=3CBEAD02-0315-11EB-9D42-F6F539982C1E&at_custom1=[post+type]&at_custom3=BBC+News&at_custom2=facebook_page&at_medium=custom7
  2. Vaccine getting rolled out in December here. UK. L. O. L. https://istoe.com.br/governador-de-sao-paulo-afirma-que-vacina-chinesa-para-covid-19-pode-ser-lancada-este-ano/
  3. No spoilers. Watch it, sausage fingers.
  4. It's that moment when you've been there sat at the bar a few hours, the drinks really kicking in, you're on your way to oblivion. You look up and nod at the barman, no words exchanged, he knows what you want/need. The life of a barfly. Aaaaah. Unsustainable for most long term, unless you're a fucking hopeless nihilist. Or Lemmy.
  5. Aye we remember your panic attack. Big poof. 😙
  6. Every cunt just huddle over a phone in the sleeting rain outside. But don't breathe.
  7. A rather unfortunate choice of words. 🤣
  8. Cos the regime don't like it man.
  9. My Octopus Teacher. New one on Netflix. Guy who sounds like he's had a mental breakdown, realises that to recover he must reconnect with nature, and so starts swimming in the ocean, a lot. He's also an incredible film maker and records his swims and his stories. He makes friends with an octopus - honestly. He records his exchanges with it and tells the story of these fascinating creatures and their short lives. This is a brilliant, moving doco. Loved it.
  10. Me and @Poodler. #similar #finchy #kidslol Fuck drugs though - Fuck that.
  11. And here, we, go.........
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