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  1. Who were you fucking? Freddie Krueger....? Pics.
  2. He has hair like a man who would shoot a woman to be fair. They'll need to cremate the cunt cos no way is that bush getting inside a pine box, no no no.
  3. Reckon he's like Sweetchuck from Police Academy. Whereas I'm a hybrid of High Tower and Richard from Dead Mans Shoes. Only 1 winner there.
  4. He was good in Fight Club. Big old titties.
  5. I'd still get him in a headlock and scrape the top of his head with my knuckles back and forth though. Quite easily. @Dad
  6. Pakistanis and Iraqis!!!
  7. First person in Brazil to receive the vaccine. A nurse. Hoo Mama!! gif upload site
  8. Total insanity man. People are dumb cunts. I did watch a doco called Rwanda Reds about some mad Liverpool fan club over there in Cheesepipes land. These fuckers have fuck all, and getting together to watch the Liverpool games on the big telly was something that brought them some sense of community and joy. At the end some of them get to visit Anfield and they were crying with happiness so I softened a bit after seeing how much the club DID seem to mean to them. Should still be supporting their local club likes - Rwanda Rape Stars or whatever they are cried.
  9. There's mutants here like that too. Was in an Irish bar and a load of them kitted out in Arsenal shirts watching the Ingloid pish and singing what I presume were Arsenal songs in shitty English. Fucking bizarre behaviour when they have 3 of the finest clubs in world football in their city. Well, 2, fuck Corinthians. Filho da putas. The Huns of South America.
  10. Good at sounding like he might be a ghost.
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