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  1. fuck off newbie scum. mind you, you are in excellent racist, bigoted ignorant af company on this site. in case you hadn't noticed our team - logan, ojo and hernandez.
  2. Reverting to his youthful look?
  3. who would you give the no7 shirt to? Ferguson, Wright, ?
  4. Whilst we are unlikely to get beyond Q3 this year (not impossible of course but Sporting Lisbon will be like the Real Sociedad tie in terms of standard), next year winning the scottish cup gets you directly into the play off round for the Europa League. If the Scottish Cup final is Celtic/Sevco, and they are also 1st and 2nd in the league, ,that EL play off round entry goes to the 3rd placed team in the league..
  5. Perhaps Ojo and McGeouch in central and Ferguson attacking midfield.
  6. The OP didn't say anything about whether it was under old or new boss but the fact is that yes they have lost 5 league games in a row. Hopefully 6 on Sunday.
  7. No doubt, but should be: Lewis Logan Devlin McKenna Considine Ojo Ferguson Wilson Hedges McGinn Anderson
  8. We'll do f all if we keep playing without a midfield.
  9. Motherwell likely to be 3rd over the winter break. Pathetic. Tims & Sevco are much better this year, but everyone else is also much worse.
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