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  1. As I said earlier on, it's not only on this thread, it's on a lot of older threads as well. Very strange.
  2. Who's that aimed at CC, MT, RS or BHL?
  3. I was trying to find millertimes £1m post and as per a lot of other threads, his posts have disappeared and can only be seen when other folk quote him in a post. Very strange! Whilst trawling, I stumbled on this one, pretty close to the mark.
  4. The majority of the players he named also helped their clubs into financial meltdown.
  5. Have we had a shot on goal yet? We are offering nothing going forward and we'll struggle to get a goal, never mind 3.
  6. Ronaldo and Messi are fantastic and I'm too young to have seen Pele however Maradona was unbelievable, he played in an era where you could kick lumps out of players and get away with it. Maradona had his ankle broken in 83 and was out for months. He dragged an average team to a world cup win in 1986 and a bad team to the final in 1990. My top 3 are Maradona, Zidane and Willie Miller.
  7. 3.38 in, Anderson bailing out the clown.
  8. Full game on YouTube, I'll see if I can find it when I get home
  9. Yep, came off at HT and replaced by Rough.
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