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  1. They are all fine looking women on that show.
  2. shut up meg

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    Dutch to impose curfew. https://www.dw.com/en/coronavirus-digest-netherlands-introduces-curfew-to-halt-spread-of-new-variant/a-56297819 9pm to 4.30am, I don't think it will affect any of the hats posters.
  3. shut up meg

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    I remember being on a conference call with some clients based in Bristol. Really tight for time and just wanted to get the call over and get back to work. The client was a big O&G company and the first 10 minutes was taken up with a safety moment, some bloke who sounded like he was in the Wurzels droning on and on about how he nearly run down a fox on his way to work and that the streets are a bit slippery due to ice. In short, the safety moment was to ensure that we are all aware that the roads could be slippery in the winter months. What a waste of fucking time, 2 from my firm and at least a dozen of their folk sitting around listening to his pish.
  4. Quite handy with all the crocks we have on the books as well.
  5. Totally agree, the games are boring long ball shite. We are a tame version of Hearts, hammer throwers without the red cards and constant hacking. Season tickets will surely drop next season, some of the drop will be down to folk having less money in their pockets, some will be down to the pish poor football on show. The most telling thing about the quality of football on show over the last few years was in the spring of last year, when the league was called, I genuinely didn't miss the games.
  6. In the league cup, the following teams beat the Glasgow teams in Glasgow and won the competition. Kilmarnock beat Celtic in the 2011 league cup final St Mirren beat Celtic in the 2012 league cup semi final Ross County beat Celtic in 2016 league cup semi final In the Scottish Cup Dundee Utd beat Rangers in the 2010 QF (Ross County beat Celtic in the semi final) Hearts beat Celtic in the 2012 SF Caley beat Celtic in the 2015 SF Hibs beat Rangers in the 2016 final
  7. I think he does a version of that one.
  8. Also get the animator from Roobarb and Custard to design the cans!
  9. Did McLeish not go to Motherwell as player/manager at the same time ?
  10. Haha, i don't think any sane person would say that I am a mcinnes fan. You are a strange, strange man.
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