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  1. That video never gets old. The GOAT
  2. Aye see you there in May 😄
  3. NEM


    😄 Global warmings mental - another 6 months of summer!
  4. NEM

    In The News

    Ebony whores? 😄
  5. NEM


    Aye that's correct professor Parklife studied the behaviour and attitudes of 10 million Swedes back near the start of lockdown.
  6. NEM

    In The News

    Surely have a better time with 48 whores?
  7. NEM


    They've had less deaths per 100k population in the first 33 weeks of the year than they did in 2015 and barely higher than the 4 years between.
  8. NEM


    Last covid positive patient discharged yesterday. Latest any restrictions being applied up here is a farce
  9. NEM


    That's honking bait double M
  10. How longs Kennedy out for? Cosgrove as well for that matter
  11. NEM


    .....but free to travel from the Covid ridden central belt and infect the rest of the country 🙄
  12. They had about half a dozen internationals on their bench
  13. 7-0 the Austrians won tonight. Had never heard of them before the draw
  14. Played alright I thought, some nice football in spells but lacked a cutting edge. Definitely improved when Wright came on. That fucking Hedges chance 🙈 Got to be hitting the target at least. Match officials absolute pricks, hope the ref chokes on his whistle.
  15. Aye I used the hmdi cable for the bairns playstation last week
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