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  1. 2 goals in 12 games - Glass’ first game we’ve scored 7 Names on the cup
  2. All of the players in the first team bubble that are available are on the bench. The rest are cup tied or injured
  3. Can’t solely blame McInnes for that. Glass should have started Ramsey at right back
  4. McRorie absolutely woeful. Has he found a red shirt with a pass yet
  5. May play McRorie in defence. Ferguson, Brown and Campbell in midfield
  6. Taylor doesn’t make the bench - safe to assume rumours of him being offered a new deal were bullshit COYR
  7. NEM

    The Cryptos

    I’ll give that a pass - too many WWF wrestlers from my youth dropped doon deed before they hit 50
  8. NEM

    The Cryptos

    Still eat eggs and dairy (protein yoghurts etc) and probably eat too many protein bars
  9. NEM

    The Cryptos

    Same happened to me about 5 years ago. Don’t miss it at all
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