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  1. British legion on Mugiemoss Road?
  2. NEM

    What You Doing Today?

    Within a 5 mile radius I hope
  3. NEM

    In The News

    Hey - big nose!
  4. NEM

    In The News

    Chopper dyes his pubes ginger
  5. Nah - The Northern Light
  6. Yip - cliched nonsense usually trotted out by weegie media arseholes
  7. Hopefully it's pardoning Julian Assange
  8. Rumours swirling Whatsapp the culprit has been identified and handed a ban. Not sure how they could implement it if true. Banned from watching a live stream?
  9. lol TDS a terrible affliction
  10. NEM

    What You Doing Today?

    Can’t just go throwing paint on the walls like a bloody amateur
  11. NEM

    In The News

    Up to ma knees in fucking cowpat
  12. NEM


    They’re not going to be much use as sources going forward if he does that
  13. Drunken Duncan or Di Canio for me. If those two are out of reach financially then the Cowley brothers
  14. No chance United are fucking brutal. That cunt plays for a draw every game
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