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  1. NEM


    Surely that just shows lockdowns a complete waste of time? Sweden reporting low numbers of cases now...... If you think we're going to eradicate the virus you've lost the plot even more than I feared 😄
  2. NEM


    The voice of reason returns
  3. NEM


    Exactly - New Zealand thought they'd eliminated it completely then had an outbreak
  4. NEM


    Non mask wearers exposed? 😄 Go blow some cigarette smoke through your 30p mask see how effective is is at stopping smoke particles which are multiple times bigger than the virus "Heading for an awful winter" Aye if the boot locks us down we are. Economy ruined, suicides through the roof, cancer treatments cancelled, diagnosis missed etc etc. We had a mild flu season last year, this is a bad one. End of
  5. NEM


    Nah that's bullshit mate. The vast, vast majority have been following the rules. A few weeks we were told in March, it's been 6 months now and we're no further forward. On top of that they've been caught out lying time and time again about numbers. No wonder folk now think they can ram it
  6. NEM


    Hang on a second dweeb - have you not repeatedly been posting about how low a % of folk have already been infected? Now you're claiming a lot more folk have had it than has been reported? THAT is cute
  7. NEM


    Absolute pish and wind. The virus has clearly changed - look at the deaths versus cases now compared to March
  8. Bunch of lying cunts anyway who cares what they say
  9. That another player on top of the 8 already positive?
  10. Rijeka at home maybe we’d lose away if McInnes no doubt shits the bed again
  11. Rosenberg v Alanyaspor Rijeka v Kolos LASK V Dunajska One of those 3 youd have to fancy us against the Austrians or Slovaks if we by some miracle beat sporting
  12. NEM


    164 cases in Glasgow and Lanarkshire. Wee Nickys hoose party ban working a treat 🙄
  13. NEM


    Took the WHO 6 months into the "pandemic" to announce that a healthy diet, fresh air and exercise would be helpful in fighting off the disease. Laughable!
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