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  1. Wrote my take on the shambolic last couple of days, feel free to have a read: https://www.whatastramash.com/home/2020/8/7/the-disrespect I think the wider issue is it shows an incredible level of disrespect and ignorance from the players and you've got ask questions as to how good the relationship between McInnes and some of the squad is. They aren't to blame for the CV-19 city outbreak, clearly, but they're definitely at fault for not giving a sh1t and being hugely unprofessional.
  2. A therapeutic, relatable piece about the game on Sat for your pleasure. Or displeasure. https://www.whatastramash.com/home/2020/8/2/a-week-of-hope
  3. Roll up roll up https://www.whatastramash.com/home/2020/1/14/its-time-for-the-red-army
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