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  1. Hoban won't start on the plastic pitch. Can see McCrorie dropping back and McGeouch coming in to the midfield. Wouldn't surprise me to see Logan or Taylor start either though. Viking been on a good run of form recently so will be a tough match. Sporting Lisbon going to be without 7 first team players for the next game and will have only played one competitive game since the end of July.
  2. He has been back on the grass with the physios at Leeds this week and apparently we hope to have him up with us by next week. Probably around 2/3 weeks away from playing a game.
  3. Marley Watkins would make a bit of sense. He can play number 9 like he did at caley but can also play wide or number 10. It means once Cosgrove, Edmonson and Main are fit then we can utilise him in different positions. It will then allow us to let the likes of Scott Wright and Ryan Hedges leave the club.
  4. Confirmed as McKenna & Anderson who were both positive and cannot take part in the game tonight. Both have been training this week but on their own at a separate pitch, which is apparently the new protocols for a set period of time. If we don't have a new striker in the building by tonights game which I would say is unlikely now, then for me he goes with either Mclennan or Ruth, it's going to be a scrappy game and I don't see him going with McGinn or Kennedy etc up top as they will have no chance for our long ball.
  5. Anderson and Cosgrove the positive tests apparently.
  6. Training pictures clearly show Bryson, Kennedy & McGeouch. Given that Chris Harvey reported Devlin was also back on Monday(likely doing separate physio work), the positive tests will be 2 of McKenna, Hayes, Anderson & Cosgrove. Big sam wouldn't be pictured either if he's injured. All players should be back today providing they tested negative in the recent round of tests.
  7. Not true. Guy who caught it in Hawthorn bar ended up in hospital. The government done a inspection of the bar and allowed it to remain open. However a few footballers break the rules and the whole game is disrupted, it is nothing more than scare tactics and using these footballers as pawns to frighten the public.
  8. Folk seen him leaving the hospital and Aberdeen didn't announce the injury until a scan was done and a conclusive diagnosis on the extent of the injury. Devlin was injured in a friendly match and McInnes mentioned it in his post match interview so it wasn't leaked. Don't understand a lot of folk saying we need to look at our training etc, most our long term injuries have occurred in matches with the exception of Scott Wright and now Edmondson. Can happen to any club as you seen with Katic at the huns out for the season. Our injury record however is horrific for last couple of seasons but I genuinely think it is just bad luck, Hearts were the same as well.
  9. They also have a completely different head of recruitment. For Celtic McKenna valuation was about 3 million and thats what they bid, a couple of good seasons with them and his sell on value would be max 10-15 million at an absolute maximum. However, a club like Villa coming in then his value is around the 6 million mark because one or two good season with them and his value is suddenly 20 million plus. I know some folk will use the Julien example at 7 million, but again just being foreign opens you up to larger european markets when you come to sell on down the line. Celtic were put off by the fact he was attracting bids that weren't worthwhile to there business model, I wouldn't say it was down to any sort of dip in form etc.
  10. The comments about McKenna form dipping is IMO false. He is a better player now than he was when he burst on the scene. What might affect his value is that his progression as a player is stagnating playing for us. He has improved to a degree where he is a more than capable centre half for Scotland and Aberdeen but he needs to move on. Our supporters and fans of other scottish clubs are expecting a 6-8 million defender when that is just not the case. The main reason for his price tag was on his potential, a big physical centre half, decent pace and can use the ball relatively well. Since then our style of play has got worse, he's been less protected by the midfield as its weakened, we have not had a steady partner alongside him,the full backs in the team have not been great(mainly RB), he's also had his own injuries which have caused him to miss a few chunk of games. All these things are the main reasons we will not get a fee of close to what was expected but this myth that his form has dipped for me is not right. He's just playing in a worse team playing progressively worse football.
  11. Rumour is a striker from chelsea yet you've mentioned conor gallagher who plays predominantly central midfield? The connection to Lampard is Jody Morris who is a good friend of McInnes from his time at St Johnstone and Bristol City. I feel if we were going to get a player on the back of this it would of happened in the summer.
  12. There all pretty pish tbh. This performance will hopefully get the cheque book out further.
  13. So far the performance in Dubai has been eye bleeding. We need a natural number 10 to play if were going with only cosgrove up top. Ferguson looks completely lost in that position like he did against the huns. We are so passive and predictable it hurts. Our wide men are just not good enough, McGinn is fine at getting the odd cross in but can't beat a man these days, McLennan and Hedges just don't look like the answer either. Funnily enough we've looked better since playing Anderson up with Cosgrove.
  14. Apparently Hearts have came in and made him an offer so want us to go higher.
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