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  1. Livi players look spent now. This should be ours. Should be.
  2. Shooting the same way in the second half and the first half of extra time? I've never seen that before. Is there a role I don't know?
  3. He loves a wee flick. And it comes off more often than I expect.
  4. McCrorie is one of the biggest issues here. Doesn't want the ball when he's off it, looks to send it backwards when he's on it.
  5. Give it to Campbell, just for the reaction of BHL.
  6. He was just rank rotten. His performance that day might have grown (shrunk?) in the telling over the years, I don't know. Not going to re watch it to find out though, most painful game I've ever watched.
  7. That's what we thought. But it was boxing day, and the last train/bus was pretty soon after full time.
  8. Dunfermline 3 - 2 Aberdeen (boxing day 2000) Very foggy. Arrived late and missed the first goal. All other goals were at the other end of the ground, which we couldn't see because of the fog. Missed the last bus & train home, had to hitchhike back to Edinburgh.
  9. His debut was v Celtic, but it was a few weeks before the cup final with them. Weird one, we were 3-0 down after 10 mins, then matched (even outplayed) them for the next 80 mins. Might have finished 3-1?
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