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  1. You talking your ramblings on here or the governments approach to COVID-19 🤔 😉
  2. Indeed, however let's be honest out armed forces are thread bare manpower wise as it is so nae chance of seeing tanks on Union Street!
  3. Don't get me wrong I am not exactly happy with that's going on at the moment but some people need to give themselves a shake at their selfish attitudes. And aye the establishment don't give a fuck about anything else other than Money and a vaccine will be a licence to print just that.
  4. Perhaps she does know more than you about football after all 🤔
  5. But is that not how law and society works? Has to be consequences has there not? Rules or no rules, if you are the sort of person who does not give a fuck about anyone other than yourself (and let's be honest we see that type of selfish behaviour day in day out throughout society, COVID-19 related or not) then it does not matter what the rules are.
  6. Indeed not, but adhering to the rules as opposed to being a selfish cunt would have stopped it.
  7. Reckon that was probably the attitude of the bloke who went on the pub crawl in Bolton after coming back from his holiday and not self isolating. Imagine he will cause a few deaths as a result of spreading it around like he has.
  8. So not only have we established that you know fuck all about the value of players, we have also established that you have an unimaginative collection of 'witty' retorts. Fud.
  9. Thank goodness we don't have you in charge at Pittodrie. And I bet you used to love lambasting Milne for "selling players on the cheap" previously. Fud.
  10. Anyone read the Inspector McLean series of books by James Oswald? Edinburgh based detective with a touch of the paranormal about them - well worth a read if not already done so.
  11. Shock, certainly won't be standing his hand 🙄
  12. Agreed its a disgrace the cost and timescales quoted however you have also just done what all political parties resort to - "oh but look what the other lot have done" as opposed to dealing with the fucking situation at hand. As I say all parties indulge in this and its one of the reasons why the general public cannot be arsed with politicians these days.
  13. Can only agree with the first part that you wrote however to completely ignore his comments does not help and is a classic tactic of deflection away from what is a valid point. It's Saturday nights lads, you not got anything better to do than talk shite politics (as it is I am having a quick dump while watching 'official secrets' which is pretty good) hence why I am on here !
  14. For Fecks Sake

    In The News

    He should get time for that haircut, beard and outfit alone 🤣 https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/news/local/court/man-caught-with-five-foot-bow-arrow-in-aberdeen-primary-school-playground/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
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