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  1. Agree, I mean what the hell has she got to be worried about these past 12 months or so - fucking easy Street for any leader of a country at this particular point in time
  2. Time to crack open another bottle of this. One of the best Gins on the market in my opinion.
  3. For Fecks Sake

    In The News

    This is the type of shit that fucks me off - "Cameron House did not have proper procedures in place for the disposal of ash, or for training staff." Aye what about a bit of fucking common sense and not needing training or a fucking procedure to know not to put a bag of ash and embers in a carrier bag and store it with kindling and fucking newspaper. I mean come on to fuck. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-55765595
  4. Wherever they build the stadium there will always be an element of the support that has a moan because it does not favour them in some way.
  5. Keep it in the town centre - Train into town, pints with lunch, walk to the game, back into the pubs to celebrate before getting the train home, what's not to like.
  6. Hired a van for the day, currently filling that van with all manner of household shite following some home improvements and a long overdue clear-out of our stuff then heading over to the dump (had to be pre-booked). Satisfying day all-round in my opinion.
  7. Sure the people of Omagh would dispute that claim min. The British Government were by no means innocent in the war with the IRA but let's not paint the IRA as the good guys either.
  8. For Fecks Sake

    In The News

    At least the sheriff seen sense in this case. But fuck me, imagine the lass actually reporting that to the police
  9. Have to admit some even dribbled down my chin.
  10. Or how about you stop being a smart arse deflecting like fuck and simply explain to us all how Henry has it wrong
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