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  1. Time to crack open another bottle of this. One of the best Gins on the market in my opinion.
  2. For Fecks Sake

    In The News

    This is the type of shit that fucks me off - "Cameron House did not have proper procedures in place for the disposal of ash, or for training staff." Aye what about a bit of fucking common sense and not needing training or a fucking procedure to know not to put a bag of ash and embers in a carrier bag and store it with kindling and fucking newspaper. I mean come on to fuck. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-55765595
  3. Wherever they build the stadium there will always be an element of the support that has a moan because it does not favour them in some way.
  4. Keep it in the town centre - Train into town, pints with lunch, walk to the game, back into the pubs to celebrate before getting the train home, what's not to like.
  5. Hired a van for the day, currently filling that van with all manner of household shite following some home improvements and a long overdue clear-out of our stuff then heading over to the dump (had to be pre-booked). Satisfying day all-round in my opinion.
  6. Sure the people of Omagh would dispute that claim min. The British Government were by no means innocent in the war with the IRA but let's not paint the IRA as the good guys either.
  7. For Fecks Sake

    In The News

    At least the sheriff seen sense in this case. But fuck me, imagine the lass actually reporting that to the police
  8. Have to admit some even dribbled down my chin.
  9. Or how about you stop being a smart arse deflecting like fuck and simply explain to us all how Henry has it wrong
  10. Same soup as yesterday, 2 slices of toast and a cup of tea. Dreich as fuck day here today
  11. Or perhaps there is nae point in posting a pic and review of a tin of T which every cunt has tried. By no means a huge craft beer fan but have tried a few that have been suggested on here from time time. Cannot beat a can of Sweetheart stout in my opinion. Also agree with you Manboobs and your comments about the rise of the craft whisky and its OTT marketing. The Whisky Shop at the top of Union Street has a decent selection if independent bottlers and he always has a large number open in order to try before you buy.
  12. Yes to both but they are not doing baguettes at the Pier at the moment. Went to Café Bohème a few times when he still owned it and it was always a good meal. However it was one of those restaurant's that you forgot was there and never went as often as we could have.
  13. For Fecks Sake


    Big mistakes.... aye according to who - you!?!? A jakey alcoholic with anger and superiority complex issues... Excuse me if I don't lose any sleep over your comments. My lunch beckons.
  14. Homemade Broccoli, cauliflower and stilton soup - very nice. Hot crusty baguette with butter. Cup of tea.
  15. For Fecks Sake


    Was looking for a conversation about how biased that video was but instead got suckered into the usual shit show with you. Away for lunch now.
  16. For Fecks Sake


    Are you denying that you posted about taking the piss out of an old lady and laughing about it with your "mate"
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