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  1. I can't see how it would be a bidding war. Surely another team would just match what we have accepted from forest then the choice is up to Mckenna.
  2. That would just be our fucking luck; beat Lisbon, only to draw Milan. 😤
  3. Does that mean that the likes of AC Milan and Rijeka are unseeded?
  4. Confirmed he's here for the rest of the season. Yaay.
  5. Aye dinna shite yersel. Didn't see it was a new account.
  6. We've agreed a fee with Leeds apparently for mckenna
  7. I thought they weren't allowed to start the next phase until the CPZ and footbridge had been sorted?
  8. Only weirdos have a cat flap on their front door.
  9. Struggle to piss in a letterbox wi no legs.
  10. Had such high hopes for this lad.
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