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  1. There was loads of chat but not enough commitment to folk posting their creations.
  2. The toasties thread was short lived last year.
  3. Think you and I have the same mum.
  4. Posted that from Notes on my phone. Fuck knows what's going on with the font size.
  5. Best Poster: Poodler. An all-rounder. Equally at home trolling as he is at contributing to drink, drugs and deviance. Funniest Poster: Henry. Sarcasm and observations are sharp. Just edges it over Soops for me. Lifetime Achievement Award: The Boofon. Doesn't contribute as often as he should but work probably causes that, unfortunately. Best Thread: Espionage. Just for the sheer randomness and mystery. As far as I can tell it's the only thread that the OP contributes to. Best Rivalry: FFS v Rocket. Every now and then I think hostilities are thawing but it soon cranks back up. Best Comeback: Rocket. Don't think I was here for his first coming but he'd come into the site all guns blazing this year. Biggest Gluepot: AK. I don't see gluepot as too much of a criticism on here. He's just out there more than others! Best Tipster:Don Fonte. Numbers speak for themselves. Biggest Cringe:No poster, more in relation to match threads. I often read match threads after the games have finished and it's great to watch the 180s that go on depending on how the match pans out. Best Newcomer: Fridge. It's becoming an awards tradition for him to win this. I also enjoy his posts and insight into the chaos around him. Covidiot of the year: MiniJC. Think that's again very much a lot of trolling and fishing from the guy though.
  6. The Buzzard


    You should still answer @Parklife's question about your name! Certainly if the rumours are to be believed...
  7. The Buzzard


    You make me nervous with your name, Joe.
  8. The Buzzard


    Nobody has anything to worry about this week - no change. You boys in the City and the Shire are definitely on the watch list though as case numbers are higher than some level 3 areas. Next week might see changes to levels, unless the data says it needs to happen sooner.
  9. Sounds a good day, Moobs. Hope the dog gets a special meal on the day too! Yeah, that's a good Boxing Day but unlikely to take place this year.
  10. Pissing against the wind here but let's at least try to keep one thread free of Covid chat!
  11. Loved Una Stubbs and Lionel Blair playing charades.
  12. https://youtu.be/i1rbvMNTdG4
  13. Ha ha! Quite the opposite. His wife is never fucking done cleaning or decorating.
  14. Could do a Dirty Den on her and bin her on Christmas Day. Classic Eastenders episode.
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