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  1. I think both of those clubs have chairmen who might be quite openly of a different persuasion and favouring of the green and white arse cheek.
  2. It's just our luck though that the first time in years we secure a large fee for a player it has to go on filling the Covid-shaped hole in the finances, rather than maybe signing other good Scottish prospects and selling on too. In saying that, this money might also have gone towards the new stadium rather than the playing budget if all had been normal.
  3. Tradespeople still allowed to come into your house so we might see a number of folk starting to turn up at somebody's house on a Saturday night with a dozen cans, bottle of vodka, a paintbrush and a tin of paint.
  4. I think she has/will mention something to do with West of Scotland, but I can't mind what it was!
  5. Unlikely that we'll see any change to the route map. No mention of sporting events or any changes to care home visits b
  6. Work from home for everyone where possible. FACTS advice being reinforced as people are getting sloppy and more help for those who need to self isolate. 10pm shutting for pubs etc. too. From tomorrow visiting other households barred Rule of 6 for indoor public spaces still applies. Kids/youths seem to be exempted from being part of that 6 Advising against car shares with people outside own household No 'circuit break' but will be kept under review
  7. Gonna be a 3 week review of restrictions in place, which will appear to be mostly similar to Boris earlier. Think she wants to avoid this 6 month panic...
  8. Will be doing my best. @Foster14
  9. Too early in the season to get a good sense of where the good value bets are.
  10. Has anybody put forward Stonehaven 17?
  11. Genuine comment/observation - There have been a few posts mentioning Hoban not playing on the Astro surface. I know the intensity of a match is much higher than training, but surely Hoban must train on the Astro surface regularly, especially so when we move into the winter months. I totally appreciate the need to protect his knees (I've done my ACL twice) but I reckon they need to think about putting the best team on the park. That includes Hoban. I'd much rather he was played in a game like this and managed appropriately between now and Sunday to allow for any niggles.
  12. I was at Hampden for a friendly v Australia a good few years back that we were beaten in. That was absolutely dismal but at least the result meant fuck all. Highlight was an inflatable shark or crocodile Li-Lo getting thrown around the n the crowd.
  13. I had that experience the other way around when visiting a mate the other week. His pup went out to the garden, ate it's own shite then came and tried to mount my leg. Trousers had shite smears all down them.
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