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  1. Come on to fuck, drop me a wee message on the side. I'll say fuck all!
  2. Agreed. Has she been as wooden in other stuff? I think I've only ever seen her in Trainspotting and Boardwalk Empire.
  3. The Buzzard


    90s day on 6Music for anyone interested. I expect that decade is probably the one that fits best for the demographic of Hat posters
  4. Episodes 3 and 4 definitely have got it moving along nicely now. 1st two episodes were a bit slow I thought. Have also gone back and started rewatching from Series 1 at the same time just to remind myself of stuff. Has to be said that throughout there has been some terrible fucking acting.
  5. Ah fair enough my friend. I felt left out and I've not had much to contribute lately so I jumped in. Speaking of hoovers, @Henry not around much the now?
  6. I got onboard with Shark a couple of weeks ago after also defecting from Dyson. Shark definitely wins.
  7. What about Puma Irish? That was where the Puma logo went up the way towards the laces, rather than down towards the sole of the trainer.
  8. Sherpa - Decent documentary on the industry that climbing Mount Everest appears to be.
  9. Know fuck all about horses but enjoy a day/night at them. Have gone Burrows Saint, Potters Corner and Blaklion.
  10. Have a wee e/w bet on Cameron Smith which I was feeling quite happy about. Then the 14th and 15th came along. As per others, had to include MacIntyre in my bets too and I hope he continues his good showing.
  11. Aye I mind seeing that clip. Fanny Schmeller I think it was. About done German athlete or something like that.
  12. The Buzzard


    Porridge is seasonal for me. Only in the darker and colder months, although that could apply today because it's bitter down here today. Salt for me in porridge. Peanut butter and jam is a great call. That's my preferred choice before a morning run.
  13. The Buzzard


    Somebody mentioned the starting of a thread for the first meal of the day. One may already exist but I'm not going looking and figured I might as well get one started. Off today so it's been a later start to the morning and just had 2 slices of toasted tiger loaf with lurpak and a cup of tea (milk and 2). Normal weekdays sees a bowl of cornflakes and a coffee (currently instant - Lavazza Intenso) to start the day. Not the greatest of combo's. Rarely have a fry up but will often have a hot filled roll at the weekend. Bacon preferably. Too much time on my hands this morning and nursing the after effects of a bad takeaway and booze last night.
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