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  1. That's not what you said cludo. You said Cormack was coming in with the intention of redeveloping Pittodrie. It's pretty obvious to all the club are still 100% behind Kingsford - the delay is due to the difficult in raising the funds, not because they're changing their minds.
  2. Would Celtic's change in their interest in McKenna not have something to do with a change in manager since then? Rodgers was likely a fan but won't rate him as good enough for Leicester.
  3. Whose fault is that? What's stopped you from creating new chants? Saturday in the Merkland a good time to try them out, no?
  4. You also told us the club would be making an announcement saying they were ditching Kingsford and redeveloping Pittodrie.
  5. Absolute scenes when Ollie posts photos of his future daughter in law.
  6. Alex saving the thread. Bravo. Wonder if the players have a what's app group where they post all the hat posters' birds
  7. Yeh, but everyone would have lost their shit at the thought of Aberdeen FC not actually playing in Aberdeen. Kingsford technically still is even if we know it's not.
  8. Portlethen was one of the places the new stadium was considered wasn't it? The club said that's where they were headed if Loirston didn't get out through, but then they found Kingsford and went for that instead.
  9. How so? When the third competition starts, if we're third or cup winners we go into the Europa League qualifiers. If we get knocked out in QR3 like we usually do, instead of going out of Europe we'd drop down onto the other competition, and have a crack at getting to the group stages, and where the opposition would be easier to deal with. How do you equate that with "a few rounds in summer is as good as it'll get"?
  10. You're from Maryhill and you're calling McInnes a weegie?
  11. Nearly on the third page and still only one photo posted. What a shambles of a thread @@milne_afc
  12. Ojo can't even finish 90 minutes at the moment. McGeouch hasn't played 90 minutes for two months. Would be absolute folly to send Campbell out on loan.
  13. We've been short in midfield all season, why would we send a midfielder out on loan after only signing one - that would make no sense. Bryson still going to be out for months.
  14. If you put them in the south stand, their prices have to be the same as the home support in that stand. Put them in RDU and you can charge them as much as you like. 3,000 tickets at £40 is a cool £120,000.
  15. As for McGeouch, who is going to be the most misspelled Dons player of all time, he hasn't been injured for nearly two years now so the injury-prone stuff is exaggerated. He just hasn't played.
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