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  1. Saints 4 - 1 Aberdeen Hamilton 2 - 0 County livi 1 - 1 Hibs Sevco 5 - 0 St Maureen Kilmarnock 1 - 4 Celtic Well 2 - 2 United
  2. As negative as our fans are, it made a big difference not having them there IMO. Sevco players looked at ease and there were very few mistakes. A full stadium of fans screaming abuse at them would have made a difference, likewise for our own players who seemed to lack urgency and leadership. Badly missed a Shinnie or Robson type to drag the team through it.
  3. Celtic getting 10 in a row will absolutely ruin these idiots lives. It’s going to be amazing, almost on a par with the old club dying. The huns really needed to sign some top quality players to stop it happening. These are not top quality players.
  4. The only real positive we can take from it was that the huns are not going to win the league.
  5. Hamilton will be in a relegation fight all season, not sure why you would think otherwise just because they “had a go”.
  6. So you agree then, refs can be swayed by large crowds. Surely players can too? Not just talking about rangers and Celtic.
  7. So you don’t think the size of a support makes any difference?
  8. Why is it historically so bad though? Celtic park? To say that being roared on/jeered by 50,000 fans makes zero difference to players and refs performance is nonsense.
  9. So the number of fans has absolutely nothing to do with performance of players and ref on the pitch? Why is our record at Celtic park and Ibrox so terrible then?
  10. You found joy in Bryson signing, a player who you said was a permacrock, yet can’t find any joy in McGeough signing?
  11. I feel sorry for you. You genuinely can't find any joy in anything.
  12. Bet your account that Cosgrove is sold for £6million or more then. Otherwise, shut your cunt mouth.
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