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  1. *inhales through teeth* The state of it.
  2. So the likes of Ash Taylor is your idol? loser
  3. Then just a day later “Pick fights and stoke confrontations”
  4. Grown men that can’t live without an Internet football forum
  5. Have often wondered why not but then see the ball hoofed from front to back a lot over the last few seasons and that explains it. Been miles off it for about two seasons IMO
  6. McGinn is surely finished at this level? He’s been a great player for us in the past but it’s hard to justify him getting into the team now.
  7. Why is it you only appear when the team are losing? Desperate to try and be one of the “told you so” crowd.
  8. What a fucking state 😂 You’re an absolute embarrassment.
  9. Why are you so angry all the time?
  10. They should, never seen anyone so angry on an Internet forum before
  11. What a state to get yourself into over an anonymous football forum on the internet 😂 I’m guessing you got banned then had a big hissy fit and left for a while. Then you realised you can’t live without said Internet forum and came slithering back under a different guise. Amirite?
  12. Why do you not answer the question when I ask if you were banned or flounced off in a huff from here? must have been really embarrassing whatever it was.
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