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  1. Italian and Spanish clubs were dominating Europe. But they always had that weak spot. 6ft+ defenders.
  2. Best player in the world. Ever. 11 years playing against the hardest defenders in the world in Spain and Italy. While that other one hid in South America and the US League scoring tap ins. Been to Naples twice. Never been to a city where one player is so revered. Every taxi dashboard has a figure of Christ, and one of Maradona. I asked one driver to choose. He smiled and wagged his finger. RIP Diego.
  3. He's not lost yet. Courts decide. Not TV networks.
  4. No big Scotland fan. But gotta say, the balls on those five penalty takers. Well done.
  5. Isn't there some kind of research or something that says every forum discussion is only 20-30 posts away on average from referencing Hitler? Or did I just make that up. I suppose forums would be boring if we all agreed. Even the Celtic one will be full of folk arguing. And they're going for four trebles. Hoping for normality back soon. Hey, a vaccine. I'm happy if they start with politicians, scientific advisers and journalists. THEN the public. But imagine that first pint in a busy pub with no masks on..... Hope you and family well too.
  6. In all honesty didn't catch that you'd apologised. Apologies aren't easy on forums for anyone. So genuinely that was good on your part and appreciated. And I'm not point scoring. No personal digs, let's keep it to football. You watching the Cup final? C'mon. I've teed it up for you to say hope yous get fucked ya diet hun....
  7. Thanks mate, appreciate that. And yes it is. So without being a bore about it, it's on people like me to try to ask that people, who you're right are probably decent and don't mean offence, just to think about the language they use. I'd hate to think anybody sees a disabled kid and thinks, oh magic that reminds me how to be funny or the big man in the pub later or on the forum tonight. But forums are rarely the place for mature understanding, I get that. Thanks again Buzzard.
  8. No worries mate, it's a forum, happy we all muse. I try not to offend, especially on another fans forum. But the nature of forums is an average of 4 posts before an argument. Hope you're well.
  9. I've said before, I don't follow stereotypes or let other people do my thinking for me. I'm atheist, not protestant. Or any other religion. I believe in the union, but I'm not a bigot about it. And I don't believe in the Royal family. I don't buy into defining politics by left and right wing. Things I like and don't like about both Liberal socialism vs Conservative capitalism. I don't go marching or have any tattoos about this stuff. And I'm sure I'd disagree with other Hearts fans about stuff as quick as Aberdeen fans. There's no manual we all have to complete down here.
  10. Censored PR bullshit. The scenes at St J were riotous. Instead it's all womens football, Lockie, FOH hand clappers and a family friendly bus load. Should have popped into Luckies or any pub in Gorgie or West Edinburgh and asked a few at the bar for thoughts on Budge and Levein. A total shit show with lipstick on for the cameras.
  11. Won't change each others minds but I at least will say you've made an articulate argument without being a dick about it or personally offensive. Fair play.
  12. It'd take too long to educate you. Visit some Democratic run cities in the US. Or huge left leaning cities here like Glasgow and Liverpool. The left throw words about like inclusion, heal, mend. But more wars under Clintons and Obama. And Blair. You're the typically easily moulded example in society like a pavlovian dog. You hear left, think good people. Hear right, think bad. The reality is anyway, left and right are outdated terms. I want controls over immigration, but far more done to help children and families with disabilities. Where's that put me?
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