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  1. If he's got any sense he'll try to get noticed this season and move on sharpish, next summer even. I know it's early days but they've bought 12 players and the manager is on a very shoogly peg and doesn't look to be able to get himself out of it. All part of a recipe for a very difficult season ahead. I think they'll struggle to get anywhere above mid table.
  2. Most of the Championship is shit. The money being chucked around makes people think its better than it is.
  3. Aye they've made 12 signings this summer apparently. That Samba Sow is a good trainer
  4. That's the team I'd pick as well if Hoban can't play. If Hoban starts then I think he'll try that 532 from last night again. Can't see us playing the 343 until Kennedy is back. Hayes and Kennedy are crucial to that system.
  5. I thought we played OK, would just have liked us to push for it a bit more, particularly in the second half. We've got the basis of a decent side there.
  6. Hamilton 1-1 Dundee United Livingston 1-0 St Johnstone St Mirren 1-1 Kilmarnock Motherwell 1-2 Sevco Celtic 2-0 Hibernian Ross County 0-1 Aberdeen. Thanks again.
  7. Disappointed that we never tried to push it more in the second half.
  8. If you put your hands on their backs it will be a free kick every time. Better to just pressure and make them play it.
  9. We did well there considering the start. Need to put them under more pressure second half so they tire a bit. We're letting them play at their own pace too much
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