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  1. When does the transfer window close? Next Monday evening? Plenty of time to get a deal done
  2. But If Motherwell want Ojo and Campbell doesn't want to stay there it might be worth a conversation. Assuming Campbell wants to come here of course.
  3. If no one wants to buy Cosgrove then I guess you could see us looking at selling Ferguson sooner rather than later
  4. Ojo in part exchange for Campbell would suit both parties
  5. aberdeen1970


    We've known about at least one vaccine getting approved since late November. Could have been set up and ready to go before Xmas nae bother.
  6. Aye. Most players don't give a fuck about the team they play for. Even when they do they'll just about always take the extra money on offer elsewhere. Can't blame them really. Clubs can be just as ruthless when the boot is on the other foot. Folk are just pissed off because it's the Huns. If it was anywhere else they wouldn't be giving a monkeys. Scott Wright will be lucky to even be a footnote in Aberdeen's history.
  7. What happened to the boy that signed for Hearts last year that 'turned down' English Premier interest?
  8. So he scored 5 goals in 43 prior to that? And he's almost 30? Im calling this one as a one season wonder. In the lower divisions as well.
  9. aberdeen1970


    I see Teca are going to be up and running as a mass vacc site from Monday. Government also looking at 24/7 vaccinations for younger folks. Teca is massive. Could do tens of thousands in a day. Supply permitting.
  10. Somebody should upload the Bill Murray groundhog day pic
  11. That's the problem. It's more we have let the squad deteriorate in attacking areas rather than Wright being a superstar.
  12. Another young player ruined by going to the Hun before he even gets started properly. Will they ever learn?
  13. Aye get your finger oot Council and get it built
  14. I was thinking that we could revert to a 4231 and play McLennan, Hedges and Kennedy behind a useless cunt of your choice Or play Kennedy in the Wright role in the 3 at the back system with McLennan right wing back. Just til the summer mind you.
  15. Time for McLennan to step up and earn a regular place. Unless he's not going to sign his new deal and doesn't give two fucks either.
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