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  1. Sounds like the pre contract if it's 3 years. I assume they'll now low-ball us to get him now rather than wait til summer
  2. I'd like to see him get further forward as well. It's like he's not allowed over the halfway line just now.
  3. Suggestions it was a photoshopped screenshot.
  4. Cosgrove has scored one from open play. A penalty. And a daisy cutter free kick. But he's still better than Stewart. Well at least he was for a while. Who knows if he will ever hit that streak from 2019 again. I very much doubt it unfortunately. I'm resigned to us signing Stewart now though. I think it's stick on. If he does sign then good luck to the loon.
  5. He's got two first names as a last name.
  6. We've got a running track 5 minutes away at the sports Village so hopefully no need.
  7. A brothel. Shuttle buses and an underground tunnel from the new stadium.
  8. Big two weeks coming up. 3 away games including Livingston and Hibs with the Livingston home game sandwiched in the middle. Wins in those games will see us clear of the pack and hunting down Celtic. Defeats and we'll be in a real battle when it comes to European qualification.
  9. Aye I noticed the 'at least third' comment asw well. Thought he was maybe pished as it was very out of character.
  10. I think those wanting change are still very much in the minority. The Aberdeen thread on Pie and Bovril is a very pro McInnes crowd and the Facebook page ran by the boy named after a buttery who made a bit of a cunt of himself on here a while back is practically a McInnes cult reminiscent of the film Bob Roberts.
  11. Good question. I'd say 5 as the ban was for the red (two yellows in one game). Would seem harsh to penalise a guy twice for the same yellow card. But spfl rules have baffled me before and I'm sure they will again!!
  12. The ban served in the following match was for receiving a red in the previous game. Separate.
  13. What position is Hanratty Graham? Attacking midfield? Wide player?
  14. Ideally the former but can the leopard change its spots or is it too late?
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