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  1. Aye but at the time I had no confidence in any of the others hitting the target! Delighted I was wrong though. Younger guys like Ferguson, Campbell, Hendry and McCrorie all stepped up and took responsibility. Was good to see.
  2. He had the last laugh. Didn't let it affect him and took his penalty well.
  3. Thomas had some game for them. Constantly caused problems for our entire back four. I was really impressed. Still dived though.
  4. Nice penalty. Didn't have the best of games today but kept at it it. He's better when he plays further up the pitch. He needs to be told to play further forward.
  5. Aye Kamberi better when not played as the main central striker
  6. Behind twice but came through. Pleased they showed some aggression and desire. Long way to go.
  7. Aye, it's like he plays in a team on his own. Totally unpredictable
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