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  1. If you are a full back who signs for Aberdeen you're almost guaranteed to be played out of position at some point.
  2. Hibs and Motherwell will be a threat to us again. If any of the rest are a threat to us then we really are shite.
  3. The friendly thing is a poor excuse. They had plenty of time to prepare. The problem was as much mental and tactical as anything physical. And in any case they could have used up to 5 subs. That's half of the outfield.
  4. I can live with us finishing 3rd or even lower if we have tried our best to win every game. What I can't handle is the lack of ambition to have a go at teams and doing the minimum to get by.
  5. I'm keen to get back. It's in my dna regardless of how good/shite/average the team are. It was hard to get up for a closed door sky TV game against the Huns though.
  6. Even the Celtic squad looks weaker than it did a few years ago. Particularly in terms of strength in depth in full back and winger positions.
  7. Well the manager can't say he isn't being backed. Was allowed to put the wage bill through the roof last season plus a few high profile signings in January. Even post covid he's been allowed to bring in Hayes, Hoban, Edmondson and bring back Cerny.
  8. We'll the manager isn't going to change now as he's totally set in his ways so unless he wants 2 years of more of the same he'll have to. But I don't see a huge appetite to do so. As long as he gets into Europe he seems to be fine.
  9. McInnes has long been of the mindset that game managing his way to 3rd is a successful season. It's sad to see the change in him over the last 2 and a half years.
  10. Not much Dave can do to change perceptions when his manager is parking the bus at home to the Huns. Team needs to do the talking first
  11. Big unit. 6ft 5. Out of favour at League 1 Blackpool though. Will be replace Reynolds or Connolly?
  12. Best ignored. Sky were plugging their new 'Helicopter Sunday' special at the end of the Celtic v Hamilton game yesterday. Complete cunts.
  13. Aye the first half of his reign up to 2017 was great. You could feel the whole city getting behind the club and the team. Summer 2017 with the team breaking up and the flirting with Sunderland was the start of the downward spiral but we still had GMS, McLean, Christie and Shinnie etc to give us a bit of hope and quality. Last 2 seasons have been poor though. More and more defensive, long ball and one paced by the month. We've got a huge squad with some decent players in comparison with most of the league. There's really no excuse to not let them off the leash.
  14. Life was much simpler when there was only the European Cup, the cwc and the uefa Cup. More parachutes than the RAF in this new model
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