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  1. It could still be 343. We'll definitely miss McGrorie in the midfield though either way.
  2. Yeah but he already said he wouldn't be able to play both full games.
  3. Well if Hoban and McKenna aren't available to him then he's got to make a double change. He's got no other option.
  4. He was always going to start today. We all knew that
  5. That's a good result for us. Up to us to do the business now.
  6. Docking Celtic points would benefit the Huns so can't be completely ruled out. But I'd be shocked of that happened. Will probably be a suspended fine or something of that ilk
  7. Aye I know the money is vital but the format is just sterile and uninspired.
  8. The problem with all of this is they have really just created 3 divisions now. The original euro competitions were more unique and stood on their own merits, especially the European and Cup Winners Cups. I enjoy our individual European games when we play and obviously want to win but the overall structure is a bit of a turn off.
  9. 13 goals in Leeds' first two games so far and still half an hour left in the second game.
  10. Didn't take Celtic long to hunt down the Huns. Hopefully Hibs beat them tomorrow. A win for us would see us in touch and tucking in nicely with a game or two in hand.
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