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  1. Aye it's a bad injury to get. Many come back these days compared to the past but it does take something from them in a lot of cases.
  2. Hibs will be apoplectic if we nick another young Scottish player from under their noses. He's exactly the type of player we should be going for (setting aside the fact we've got loads of midfielders currently)
  3. He's a right sided midfielder. He's been out since January with a cruciate injury.
  4. He looks like David De Gea would if he became a junkie
  5. Is there anything tangible linking us to Jimmy Dunne? I thought that was purely forum talk
  6. I'd like to think we can do better than Leigh, whether that be at left or centre back. He was OK in his spell with us but not good enough to want him back particularly.
  7. What formation are you playing if you bring in McGeouch for McGinn?
  8. I'm not sure which was most predictable. The signing or the reaction to it.
  9. Is a good idea. No doubt they would want extra cash though to close the deal now.
  10. Bobby Madden was a disgrace yesterday. Sometime I think no fans present makes it even easier for them to make their honest mistakes.
  11. They already play that formation most weeks with the ref in the middle of the 5 in midfield
  12. We can win this. Not been impressed by Celtic at all this season. Need to be proactive though or it will be similar to the Sporting game where the clock just ticks away with them passing the ball across the midfield.
  13. Aye he'd be perfect for the right of the three. Loved a full blooded Anderson sliding tackle
  14. Aye the bigger crt tvs were heavy as fuck. Good tvs though apart from taking up half your living room.
  15. He'll be on the bench. He might get 10 minutes if we're 3 goals up. It will be the same team again you'd think. Hopefully we don't do our usual and struggle at home against the team at the bottom. Need a win to keep the pressure on the top 3 and maintain the gap to the rest.
  16. Cheers. Wondered where he'd disappeared to. Maybe they should have kept the other boy in the job. Kettlewell doesn't exactly come across as particularly bright.
  17. Curry and lentil soup on the meal planner this week apparently Henry.
  18. What happened to the other boy they had as co manager?
  19. Aberdeen 2-0 St Mirren (friday) Dundee United 2-1 Livingston (friday) Hibernian 2-0 Hamilton (friday) Kilmarnock 2-1 Motherwell (friday) St Johnstone 0-2 Celtic (sunday) Sevco 3-0 Ross County (sunday). Cheers
  20. Thanks again CD. Tucked in nicely in 15th spot. It's a marathon, not a sprint!
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