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    ehd liket a crack it that..still hink the longest ehv pliyeds with 8th muckhart.. hink its aboot 600 aff beck tees n its a scunner o a cunt inta a stiff breeze.. driver, 3wid, punched 7iron..yer purists wid siy that's how a par 5 shid be.. intrestin tae see wit cunts liket decheambo n brooks wid mak o thon swirlin orkney gales
  2. cunts a liar n a fraud thit hid bairns.. keep up eh
  3. that wis cringy as fuck ye sad whimperin white haired mess..hertbrekkin.. ye mind me o harvey so much its unreal..ye jist need a friend n faither figur...problem is yer a weel kent fraud n nae cuntll touch wi a berg pole .. why did ye hide bairns,orphan man?
  4. fuck up coward faggot..fuck sake..fa gied this fuckin fraud a voice ffs
  5. chase meh chase meh.. ehm aw chirpy
  6. cunt man that kettelweels a wee weegy mootormooth cunt..ez like a wee toy poodle yappin awa wi a waggin tail n a crusty sheriffs bagde o dried in diaorrea
  7. cunts rushin like..giddy is fuck..chase meh chase meh,ehm aw chirpy........... n then the derkness sets in..
  8. whin brewdug first stertet bluto wis oan thir fanzine site afore e joind here..thi thot e wis a cunt n e goat bannd
  9. shis a dug.. kept hidden in ez cellar wi the bairns
  10. wits boris, prof leitch, perklife n bluto goat in common? same ridin style
  11. ehd tan that cunt prof leitchs jaw clean aff like..smarmy wee weegie whiney voicd cunt wi bad teeth..nae idea wit ez spikken aboot..some journos stertin tae pit the decrepit lookin cunt under eh kosh noo like.. meh distains basd oan the wee cunts demeenr..n ez luv o the spotlite.. eerie lookin cuntd b in a top hat n tails workin is a cryptkeeper if it wisna fir this virus
  12. ivrycunt jist mind thit this cunt hid bairns fir 10yr cos thi didna fit intae ez boozer perona.. ez a fraud.. the chookter fritzl
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